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Want to learn a thing or two about social media? Well Kristin Clark, Living In Color Print, has made a name for herself in social media as a local Florida blogger with over 76K followers! Here are some of her helpful tips to take your social media to the next level!

Tell our readers about yourself and your blog

Hi – Kristin here! I’m a lifestyle blogger who’s recently relocated to Charleston, SC. I’ve been in South Florida the past 5+ years, but am having a blast getting settled in my new town. I’m a huge fan of color, feminine details, and classic silhouettes. You could say I work to travel – travel has always been something I’ve really enjoyed, and blogging has truly opened up the doors for that to become for of a ‘norm’ in my life. You can find me blogging away + sharing my inspiration over at Living In Color Print and/or @KristinClarkFSU on social media!

Tell us how you first got into blogging.

I initially started my blog as a way to connect with like-minded individuals in the local community. I had recently moved to a new city, was working in an industry that was predominately older men, and didn’t really know many people in the area. I saw blogging as a way to get out there and build relationships!

Living In Color Print

How did you establish your “theme” or brand?

Since I started Living In Color Print more as a side hobby, I didn’t have a strong theme or branding strategy straight out of the gate. I think the longer I created content (visual and written) I was able to establish what defined ‘me’ and my brand.

For your theme or brand, do you have things that you do consistently?  

Yes, absolutely! Now that I’m more established, I’ve taken the time to structure when and how my content is pushed out to my audience. I look at times of day, how images look in-line with each other on social feeds, etc. It’s all a well thought out process to help bring consistency and cohesiveness to the brand across all channels/platforms.

Where do you find the inspiration for your blog posts?

All around me really! But mostly from my travels – seeing new places + faces always brings new perspective.

What do you think is the best strategy to get more traffic to your blog?

Formulate a good Pinterest strategy and solid SEO. Pinterest is a social platform that I feel somewhat flies under the radar, but it really is a GREAT way to drive traffic to your website and potentially gain new loyal followers/readers.

Living In Color Print

What’s your favorite social media platform?

That’s a tough one, but for personal reasons I would have to say Snapchat. I of course love Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook as well, but Snapchat is the one channel I feel you (and everyone else) can be the most real and raw. It’s a fun place to see truly unfiltered personalities!

How do you gain followers?

That’s the million dollar question! Gaining new followers is an ongoing process that’s constantly changing with he landscape of social + web shifts. I think having consistency with your posting always helps, and continuing to engage with current and new followers.

Once you have the followers, how do you keep them?

Consistency is key. Once someone is following you, they’re expecting something from you – whether it’s your imagery, writing perspective, etc. whatever makes you YOU is what followers want to see. Don’t hold back and keep producing the type of content that made them follow you in the first place!

How many times a week do you post?

I aim for 4-5 on the blog, and daily via social media.

Is this a part of your strategy to keep gaining followers or do you post at random?

My posting schedule is definitely designed to not only engage current followers, but to gain new as well.

What are some misconceptions about social media?

That it’s easy. Having a consistent strategy and constantly producing quality content is a job, just like any other 9-5. I know it looks super fun (and it is), but there’s a lot of time, energy, and effort that goes into social media.

Living In Color Print

Do you have photos taken professionally or do you take them yourself?  

Both – I have a photographer for photos of myself (and sometime for travel), but I also have a professional DSLR that I use for flatlays and travel content. I think it’s important for every influencer to understand at least the bare minimum of photography and editing in case you need to quickly produce content on your own.

What are some tips you can give in order to take a good photo?

Lighting, lighting, lighting – it’s the KEY to any good image.

What’s your favorite location to take photos?

Anywhere I’m traveling!

How do you find relevant hashtags for your photos?

There are several search websites that help you discover hashtags that may work well for your content, but I also try to stick to hash-tagging exactly what is seen in the image – i.e. if you’re wearing a white dress, be sure to hashtag #whitedress or #littlewhitedress. I also do research on my own – I’ll test out hashtags I come across with similar content and see if the content populating with those hashtags are similar to mine. Using hashtags are a good way for unfamiliar followers to stumble across your pages.

Living In Color Print

What are your top 3 favorite emojis?


How do you keep your website updated & relevant?

Hire a good web designer and developer. That’s one things I strictly outsource.

What apps would you recommend to our followers?

‘Snapseed’ for editing photos, and I love ‘genius scan’ for easily scanning docs from your phone into PDF format!

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