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Are you looking for a new Kissimmee marketing strategy? Instagram just came out with a new feature that I believe can boost your sales up to the next level.

Instagram is ever changing and I’ve written MANY blogs on the subject, but when it changes we MUST share it. A few days ago, I was scrolling on Instagram and noticed a person had 3 little dots at the bottom of their photo. On her caption, it said slide for more photos and instantly I knew this was a game changer for any business and their Kissimmee marketing.

So, what’s the new update you ask? When posting a photo on Instagram you can now share up to 10 photos and videos at the same time! (Mind blown!). One photo will show on your feed and you can swipe left to view the rest of the photos. All those times you wanted to post more than one picture but didn’t want to spam your family and friends is a thing of the past. Not only does this benefit the average person, and the blogger but this is great for business!

If you are selling a service or product this multiple photo feature can help you enhance sales for your Kissimmee marketing. Let’s take the beauty company Benefit Cosmetics for example. They took advantage of this update and promoted their new product, a contour stick. Their social media team decided to upload a photo of the product introducing it to the world, and by swiping left you were able to see a video they created for promotion. Here’s the full video

Kissimmee MarketingKissimmee Marketing

Instagram has allowed you to explore new ways to promote your Kissimmee marketing product or service. Not only can this feature allow you to enhance sales through sharing multiple photos of the product but I also believe if people see the inspiration it took to create the product, that too will enhance sales. Take Glossier for example, they are makeup company that promotes skin first makeup second “beauty products for real life.” They decided to use this new feature to show their audience their inspiration board.


Kissimmee Marketing Kissimmee Marketing Kissimmee Marketing

Social media has allowed businesses to not only have a bigger platform to enhance sales but to also share behind the scenes photos of their company. Customers like to see what it took to make the product they love and now you can showcase it! Not only will you enhance sales but this can also allow your business to grow its Instagram following organically because you are sharing more of your brand and company.

How will you change your Kissimmee marketing strategy to use this new Instagram feature?

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