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My internship at South Street & Co. has been illuminating. Before this internship, I had no experience with SEO and keyword research. I mean my background as an IT guy and an English major lent a lot of different skills to a variety of tasks, like how to fix a computer and how to edit, but left me barren in regards to the skillsets marketing requires.

But I had an interest, and it was that interest that compelled me to seek this internship, and already I’ve learned quite a lot.

New Territory

internship at South Street & Co

With my work toward my English degree I, of course, wrote a lot, but learning to write with SEO in mind made me reorient my thinking. I had to approach each blog post I write for South Street & Co.’s site as though it was a puzzle, with the central puzzle piece being the keyword.

internship at SSCo

The keyword is… well, the key to the whole blog post, the sustaining pillar that allows it to be elevated above all other pieces of content on Google. I find this new way of approaching writing exciting and a relieving break from college essay writing.

New Thinking

Not only did I have to change how I approached each blog post based on the keyword and other SEO optimizing attributes, but I also had to change the way I think about creating in general. When thinking about what blog to write, I am always thinking about what readers and potential clients might want.

I think of questions like:

What is relevant now and do I have any unique insights on that current topic? What are people seeking help in regards to their marketing?

My mind is now continually shifting on what are and what will be the ongoing concerns of the reader; this has presented itself as a fun new challenge.

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