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Instagram has done it again! If you didn’t know, a few Instagram updates were recently released. These new updates will help you create more interactive and engaging stories for your followers.



One of the Instagram updates is a new polling feature that is available when creating your story. With the use of this feature, your followers will be able to participate in your polls while simply watching your story. This is a great way to engage with your followers. You can provide original and creative questions and answers for your followers to vote on! We used the polling feature this week on our Instagram

Using the new polling feature is an excellent way to receive immediate results on your followers. The feature allows you to keep track of results and shows you the total number as well as which followers chose to vote. But remember, poll and results will disappear after 24 hours so make sure to check out your numbers before they expire!


Alignment Tool

Another part of the new Instagram updates is an alignment tool when creating a story. This tool will help you easily center all your text and stickers when posting pictures to your daily story. Even though this is a simple update, it will help users aiming for perfect placement and aesthetics every time.

Switch to Facebook

Since Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram, there is no doubt we will see a trend of these two platforms becoming more compatible. With recent Instagram updates, users should notice the ability to go directly into the Instagram app from their Facebook account. When looking at their Facebook feed, users will notice an Instagram account button right below their usual Facebook profile title. This update provides easy access to your Instagram platform after reaching your limit of Facebook stalking.


Instagram Updates To Come

Instagram has recently been testing an update that will allow all your stories to be added to your Facebook account. This new feature will completely change the game because the story can be viewed on Facebook even after 24 hours have passed! This is the kind of Instagram updates that we need! Updates like these, allow you to make sure all of your followers have the chance to view regardless of what platform they are on. While this feature is in beta stages and currently available to only some users it is expected to be available to everyone soon.


Swipe Up

As you may have seen, Instagram has a limited release feature that allows users to “swipe up” to be directed to a website. This is a game changer for businesses having trouble leading followers to their site or to make purchases. But this update is currently only available to influencer and business users with 10,000+ followers. However, Instagram recently announced that this feature will become available to all users, regardless of followers, in upcoming updates. One of our favorite local accounts, Around Winter Park, uses the swipe up feature to link different events around town! 

So far, we are loving all these updates and can’t wait for what Instagram rolls out next! Not only are these Instagram updates allowing us to engage with our followers, they are also making it more convenient and easy to access. We hope you are loving the updates as much as we are!

What do you think Instagram should make an update for next?

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