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Instagram is ever changing and more brands are using it. Use these six tips and add them to your Instagram toolkit today.

Instagram has changed the way we to promote our businesses. As a business owner, the most important thing you want to do is set your business apart and showcase it to the world. Let’s face it, technology moves fast! You need to keep up… which is why we’re sharing our Instagram Toolkit. This will help you become an expert in one of the fastest growing social media outlets in the world.

You Need A Clear Picture

Your product or service is so important, especially when it comes to Instagram. One of the best things to help promote your product is by taking a clear picture of it.

A tip I always give is to clean your camera lens on your phone before taking the photo. If you think about it, your phone is either on you face, in your pocket or purse, or laying flat on a desk. Needless to say, it gets dirty. To take a good picture is to have a clean lens.

Most people don’t know they have a brightening option on their phones. Have your camera pointed to the object you’re about to take the picture of, click on your screen and up pops a sun. You can either slide up or down to darken the image or brighten the image before you snap the photo. With a clear bright picture, your product will enhance customer attraction.

Your Instagram Toolkit: 6 Tips To Use NowYour Instagram Toolkit: 6 Tips To Use Now

Edit Your Photos

After taking a clear and bright picture, it’s time to edit your photo. While Instagram has great filters for your photos, there are several apps that you need to add to your Instagram Toolkit! You can use these apps to edit your pictures and to make it look like a professional photographer took them.

One that I swear by is VSCO. They provide many options for filters, and different settings you can use to really enhance your photo to another level. It is a free app that comes with filters already downloaded, or you can purchase more filters you think will best enhance your photo and product or service.

Your Instagram Toolkit: 6 Tips To Use Now

Using Words Over Your Photos

If you want to showcase any type of information on your picture, the app Word Swag is the easiest app that can help you with your new Instagram Toolkit!

After downloading this app you will feel like a graphic designer and the options for captions are endless. You can use this to create awesome layouts for your business if you want to showcase any promotion or information you think your clients will appreciate.

Your Instagram Toolkit: 6 Tips To Use Now

Think Video

Another thing you need to add to your Instagram toolkit is videos. Quick videos have taken over Instagram. Boomerang is the perfect app to experiment with. It takes a burst of photos that creates a small five-second video that makes the picture come alive. You can use it by showcasing behind the scenes of work, or showcasing their products live. This app will make your Instagram account fun, and will boost your business on Instagram to the next level.

Don’t Forget Quality

Instagram can enhance your business through the use of photos, so make sure each photo counts. You wouldn’t put an ugly picture on a billboard and stamp your business name over it. The same applies to Instagram. You shouldn’t post a bad, blurry picture on Instagram of your business. Quality matters on Instagram. If you must go one day without posting so you can have good, quality content, do it BUT remember to maintain consistency.

Your Instagram Toolkit: 6 Tips To Use Now


Final Tip

Make sure to always have the link to your business’s website in your bio so people can see more of what you do.

We hope this Instagram toolkit has helped you and will help you take your Instagram to the next level! Shoot us a tweet (@SouthStreet_Co) to tell us how you use these apps or if you use different ones to enhance your Instagram experience. Of course, if you or anyone you know needs Instagram help give us a ring or email us at Happy Instagramming!!

Your Instagram Toolkit: 6 Tips To Use Now


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