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Honestly, I feel like there are so many editing apps to choose from that it’s a rarity to stick to one and one alone. Why should it be any different when it comes to your Instagram branding?

A saying that we tend to exhaust at SSCo is, “Teamwork makes the dream work,” and why would editing apps be any different? If you want to edit first through VSCO but add an effect in A Color Story, then, by all means, go for it.

I have made a list of 3 things each app ‘owns,’ and will let you be the judge of your preference. The world is chaotic enough, why pin editing apps against each other? This is how both A Color Story and VSCO can elevate your Instagram branding.

I’ll admit that I just started using A Color Story and kicking myself for not discovering it sooner. I felt as though I have given so much of my Instagram life to VSCO that it felt weird to bring in another app. I am here to shout from the mountain tops that A Color Story has some pretty epic features, like:

Preset Filters

I will say this, A Color Story knows their target audience and caters to them well. Yes, this app can get you where it hurts, your wallet. However, it’s hard to turn down a pack of carefully curated filters made by respected influencers and publications like Courtney Halverson of Pretty Little Fawn and the Glitter Guide.

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Post Planner

When I am planning the content for South Street’s Instagram, I am an avid UNUM user, but for my personal use, I like that I have my own platform to work on my grid. I can then schedule my photos and have a way to integrate my photos onto Instagram and transfer the copy into the caption. I also like that it won’t post to my actual feed unless I physically do it because let’s face it, life and grammar issues happen.


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It used to be that people would pride their picture on #NoFilter, but there are plenty of feeds out there that are not only using filters but also effects. A Color Story has plenty to choose. One of my personal favorites is in the starter pack. It gives your photo a flare from the sun, like in the photo I took below:


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I was first introduced to VSCO when I was an intern at a magazine back in 2012. I remember thinking only the true creatives were using #VSCO in their photos. For some reason, I thought since I wasn’t technically a photographer, I couldn’t benefit from using this editing app. I eventually got over this. Here are some of the reasons why I enjoy using VSCO:

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Copy Edits

If I finally found the filter, exposure and contrast that I love. VSCO gives the option of creating a recipe so that you will be able to recreate the exact edits for future posts. You even have the option to copy the edits of a previous project and paste it into a new photo, creating consistency for all your photos.


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Personal Profile

You have a profile where you can create a journal or collection. This can be another platform to help your brand reach people who may not have discovered your feed organically. If you use VSCO as your main editing source, then it would be beneficial to complete your profile to be cohesive with your other social media. You never know who may stumble across your photos.


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VSCO is a social platform disguised as an editing app. Using the “Discover” feature will allow you to find how the VSCO community is editing their photos. It’s like Pinterest without all of the verbiages on the images. I can get lost scrolling through seeing people’s take on the world and their interesting editing choices.


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We’re living in a digital age and there are so many apps and tools to use to our advantage. We know there are many more editing apps to choose from when it comes to helping you brand your Instagram. Hopefully, these highlights will take your Instagram branding game to the next level!

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