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“How do you start your Lake Mary small business marketing plan?” This is a very common question that always should be asked, especially if you’re a small business owner. This question is both complicated and simple at the same time; with an equally complicated and simple answer.

To get started with a plan for your Lake Mary small business marketing you need to think about your industry. Let’s dive in a little deeper.

What’s Your Industry

If you work for a doctor’s office, you’ll want to focus on getting new patients. If you work at a specialty doctor’s office, you’ll want to consider that patients come from two different areas, referrals, and non-referrals.

For the referral patients, your main target is other doctor’s offices who would send people to your specialty. Let’s say you’re a dermatologist.

You’d market to primary care, internal, OBGYN, infectious disease, and so on. You’d take specific small business marketing materials there to remind them where you were and the selling points of your business.

Where Are Your Clients?

Small business marketing is dependent also on where your client hangs out regularly. If you’re selling a cleaning product that has no chemicals, parabens or toxins, a primary target audience could be moms.

Now, think of where these potential clients usually are and what they usually do in that environment:

  1. Playgroups. The perfect opportunity to sponsor a lunch for your small business marketing.
  2. Grocery stores. Offer a coupon near the baby food aisle or in the local ad for them to try the product with a price reduction.
  3. Pinterest. The user base of Pinterest is more women than men. They are pinning everything from photos to recipes. This is your perfect target audience for your small business marketing.

Lake Mary Small business marketing doesn’t need to be complicated. If you have a plan and an audience, you’ll have success. The hardest part is always honing in on your plan, but once you figure out your audience, then it becomes much easier.

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