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If you’re in a creative rut, you’ve come to the right place. Here are seven ideas you can implement yearly to improve your Hunters Creek small business marketing! 

While it might feel like the world is currently filled with what-ifs, there’s one thing that remains a constant in our lives: The seasons! Even if us Floridians don’t get to experience much of a difference in weather, the seasons will continue to change without us. And from a marketing perspective, it’s a perfect concept to act on and highlight in your business model! I’m going to share a couple of ideas that will hopefully get the creative juices flowing for your Hunters Creek small business marketing. 

#1: Offer A Special On The First Day Of Every Season 

Hunters Creek Small Business Marketing

‘Tis the season to draw people into your store or business by offering a special they can only get on that first day. Through research and our experience, we’ve noticed that posts relating to the first day of every season typically do well with engagement on social media. By offering this special and making it known on socials, you’ll surely nail down some quick sales and maybe even some customers who will come back each season for a good deal!

#2: Update Your Social Media Cover Photos With Seasonal Graphics 

One way to really get into the spirit of the seasons for your Hunters Creek

 small business marketing is by updating your cover photos. Because your cover photos aren’t necessarily your social’s focal point (your profile photo should be), it’s always fun and refreshing to switch these photos up every now and then. If you’re no graphic design expert, you can easily do this on Canva with an image used from DepositPhotos! Just throw your logo somewhere on it and call it a day! Here’s a social media image cheat sheet so you can know what size to do for each platform. 

Hunters Creek Small Business Marketing#3: Put Together A Seasonal Package 

I can’t emphasize this enough, people LOVE a seasonal package – especially if it’s something they can’t get their hands on year-round. For a product-based company, think of all your products that scream the season and put them together in a nice basket as a bulk purchase. For a service-based company, consider throwing a BOGO service together that expires before the end of that season. This will ensure customer retention and make it so you’re guaranteeing a sale in a short period of time. 

#4: Host A Social Media Contest 

“[Enter Season Here] Contest Alert! 🔔 Call us today to [schedule an appointment/place an order] and mention this post to be entered into a drawing for a free $50 gift card! Contest closes on the last day of the season!” Boom, there’s a social post you can use and fill in the blanks! The idea is to utilize social to its fullest potential. If your audience doesn’t already know that they can count on your Facebook or Instagram for current events and updated information, it’s your job to get these channels to that point. 



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#5: Set Internal Sales Goals 

Another idea for your Hunters Creek small business marketing is to set internal sales goals as you would quarterly goals. They’re essentially the same concept with different timeframes. Let your team know that the person who sells or upsells the most this season, gets an extra day off next season, and so on. This is just another fun way to switch up the normal business practices and make your seasonal efforts consistent. 

#6: Consider Seasonal Uniforms

When you look good, you feel good – and that’s a fact! Maybe your employees would perform better if they got excited about the upcoming seasons? Bright colors for summer, warm colors for fall and winter, and pastels for spring would make for some really exciting uniforms and a little thing worth looking forward to. Remember, your employees are your brand ambassadors – treat them to new uniforms and inspire them to promote more for you! Click here for a breakdown on the importance of marketing and branding! 

#7: Decorate Your Store/ Location To Match 

If you don’t already have fun decorating for each season, try it out this year and see how you feel! I don’t know about you, but as an avid shopper, I love and appreciate when a store is considerably decorated to match a season or mood. It genuinely brings out the best in both customers and employees when the atmosphere is joyous. 

When you’re working on a strategy for Hunters Creek small business marketing, consider implementing some of the items above that can be recycled year after year. Marketing is a lifelong project for your business, so figure out what works for your brand and keep it up! If you don’t have the time or energy, we’d love to help. Click here to schedule a free, 30-minute consultation to get your marketing goals kicked off!