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How To Find The Top Social Media Marketing Companies In Orlando

How To Find The Top Social Media Marketing Companies In Orlando

How To Find The Top Social Media Marketing Companies In Orlando

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Not sure where to start when looking for the top social media marketing companies in Orlando? Don’t worry, we can help! 


Using a search engine to search for the top social media marketing companies in Orlando will give you results, but are they the correct marketing agencies for your business? We have four easy steps that will help you determine which company is right for you and your business. You’ll want to make sure you check the reviews, view the digital platforms, research current clients, and interview your prospective marketing partner


Check The Reviews

Now that you’ve Googled “top social media marketing companies in Orlando,” scroll through the reviews of the agencies that pop up on the search results. Anything below a 4.5 out of 5 stars is out. Next, start looking into what the reviews say. Read the bad reviews and the good reviews to get a feel for what their customers are saying. What results did the reviewers get? What were the high points of the agency for them? Do these reviews align with what you are looking for? Narrow it down to about 4 companies and continue your detective work with our next step.


View Their Digital Platforms

Just because you are searching for a social media marketing company doesn’t mean you should only look at a prospect’s social media platforms. Check out their socials, website, Google Business Profile, and any other digital platform they are represented on. Is their branding consistent throughout? Do they represent the type of agency you are looking for? Read through the company’s website to get to know the agency. Scroll through the social media platforms they own and see what results they are getting. Narrow it down to 2 or 3 companies and check out our next step.


Research their current clients

54% of internet users turn to social media to research products, and you should do the same! Here is where your detective skills come in handy during your search for the top social media marketing companies in Orlando. Find a list of the businesses your current prospects are working with and head to their social media pages. Assess how they look, what results they are getting, and if the voice matches the brand. This shows a lot about the companies and the results they are giving to their clients. You can also reach out to the companies that work with your prospect to get true insight into how everything is going for them. Narrow it down to 2 companies and then you are ready for the last step!


Interview Your Final Two

Now that you have done your research and digging, you are ready to talk to prospective social media agencies. Make sure you have a list of questions prepared before you talk to them, and take detailed notes of their answers. After the interviews, assess the notes you took. Choose the one that aligns with your company’s values and can get you the results you need

It can seem like a lot of work to find the top social media marketing companies in Orlando, but you want to make sure your time and money are going toward an agency that can give you results. It is an investment, so give yourself plenty of time to go through the steps to find the right agency for you. When you’ve done the research and are ready for the interview process, call South Street & Co. as a top prospect.

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