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How often should I blog is a tough question. Blogging is kinda like going to the gym… you know you have to do it, but sometimes it’s a struggle (Like going to the gym on Friday mornings, eek) But, blogging is just as important to keep your website healthy as is going to the gym to keep you healthy.

How often should I blog is a great question that many business owners need to be asking themselves. Blogging is a way to show people your personality and to give out great free content. When you start giving out free content, your customers and other potential customers start looking at you as an industry expert.

So really… how often should I blog then? Great question! I’ll get right to it. You should blog as much as possible WHEN you can keep up with it consistently. Take this for example, if you’re blogging and you’re happy and you’re blogging for 5 days a week in the beginning, then oh wow, you get customers. Now you’re busy and now you totally forgot to keep blogging 5 times per week.

This is a bummer because all of those blog posts that you were sharing on your social media sites, that you were telling your friends about and that you were sharing on your website aren’t being kept up now. (This reminds me of one of my earlier posts about content suicide.)

Keeping up with the question, “How often should I blog,” is hard to answer. But you need to be blogging consistently and frequently. Here are some tips for success for how often you should blog:

  1. Set up a reminder in your calendar
  2. I personally recommend that businesses blog at least once per week (twice is even better)
  3. Set up Google Alerts for your industry. This is a LIFESAVER. It allows you to have content sent at your preference to your email. This shows you what’s happening in your industry and what other people are doing. Therefore, giving you ideas about what to write about next.
  4. Set up a schedule on the topics that you’re going to write about, and either tag them to your calendar on a particular day, or write about them all at once.

Blogging really isn’t that hard, you just have to put a little bit of work into it. Luckily, there are companies like mine who will go in there and help you with the blogging or, take over your blogging for you. If you need some assistance don’t hesitate to call!

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