How An Orlando Social Media Agency Can Optimize Your Posting Strategy

How An Orlando Social Media Agency Can Optimize Your Posting Strategy

How An Orlando Social Media Agency Can Optimize Your Posting Strategy

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Our Orlando social media agency gets a lot of questions about types of content to post, but what about the ‘when to post’? Our experts have the answers to that, too!

An abundance of research and analysis goes into a social media posting strategy to ensure it is constantly optimized. Knowing where to start can be overwhelming, so we have broken it down to help you determine posting frequency, days and times to post, and how to repurpose older content.

Determine Posting Frequency

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer for how often you should post on social media. It varies based on industry, audience, business size, and other factors. What’s crucial is that you post often enough to not get lost in the algorithms and provide value in your posts. Poor-quality content can become bothersome to your audience. A good rule of thumb our Orlando social media agency recommends is to post as much engaging, informative, and useful content as your business is capable of giving. Here are a few recommendations to start:

  • Facebook – 1-2 posts per day
  • Instagram – 1-2 posts per day
  • Reels – 1 post per day
  • LinkedIn – 1 post per week
  • Blogs – 2 posts per week

After the first 3 months, analyze your data and adjust your frequency accordingly. Remember that certain times of the year will affect how often you should post.

Determine Day And Time

Once you’ve determined how often you will be posting, it’s time to determine what times and days you will choose. To have the highest reach and engagement, you will want to be strategic. Your social media posts have a certain lifespan for visibility because the age of a post is a factor in the algorithms. Here’s a quick look at the post lifespan (the number of times people will engage with the content after it’s posted) of nonviral posts on a few popular social platforms:

  • Facebook – 6 hours
  • Instagram – 48 hours
  • LinkedIn – 24 hours
  • TikTok – Instantly

So, it makes sense to schedule your posts at a time when the majority of your audience is online. A deep analysis of your competitors, audience, and industry can help you determine where to start. Don’t forget to take into consideration the time zones of your audience. After the first 3 months, you can run an analysis on what times are working and what times are not.

Repurpose Older Content

It seems a pity to put a lot of effort into a post just to use it once. That’s because it is! Good, quality content can sometimes be evergreen, meaning it is still valuable months and years after it is posted. Go back through your archives and determine what posts are still relevant and valuable. You can update anything that is out of date, freshen up the graphics, and add/remove additional information. Many social media management tools have automated systems that will repromote this type of content after a certain period of time. 

Determining your best posting strategy requires a lot of research and analysis based on your industry, audience, time of year, social platform, and many other factors. Our Orlando social media agency experts are constantly analyzing the best posting practices for our partners. If you would like a consultation to learn more about our processes, schedule a time with us today.

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