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When creating content for your business, it is imperative to stay up-to-date with trends. Trends, like hand-lettering, have the ability to capture a person’s attention and can start a conversation. Ensuring that your business stands out from the rest will attract more attention and clientele.

Here are effective examples of how to use hand lettering to capture attention and build brand awareness.

Miele Blackboard Fridge

The Hype of Hand-Lettering

Photo Courtesy: Miele

Like an ice cream truck on a summer day, your business or product must capture a potential client’s attention.

With hand-lettering, you have the opportunity to showcase your services or products in a new format. Hand-lettering has the ability to give your business personality. It makes a service or product feel more personal to the potential client and allows them to envision themselves using it.

An Orlando local, Shauna Lynn Panczyszyn, is a hand-lettering artist and illustrator who has worked with many companies both in and outside of Florida. For one of her recent works, she was asked to advertise the Miele Blackboard fridge.

She created a chalkboard drawing to be displayed on the front door to advertise the product as something you would have in your own home. She lettered this design digitally with brushes she made herself on the ProCreate app.



Photo Courtesy: ProCreate 

Due to popularity, hand lettering is now more accessible than ever. ProCreate is a great example of a user-friendly digital illustration application. This app makes it easier to create and edit your ideas.

To take full advantage of hand-lettering, you must ensure that your lettering reflects your company’s beliefs and culture in all facets. After all, if your the beliefs of your business are not consistent with your branding, you will end up confusing a potential client.

The majority of people can easily identify popular brands and companies like Publix, Target, and Starbucks, because of their consistency in branding. Therefore, you should use specified hand lettering as a tool to emphasize and match your business and branding.   

Publix Promotion


Photo courtesy: Shauna Lynn Panczyszyn

The following example is another hand-lettered work from Shauna for Publix promoting gift cards for Valentine’s day. Publix is known for branding itself as an enjoyable shopping experience and a family-oriented business. This gift card represents their relatable humor and some of the products they sell; this is an effective use of hand-lettering.

Hand-Lettering In A Nutshell

Your content should be captivating and engaging to increase the chances of a bystander becoming a customer. Your business has the opportunity to showcase personality and appeal when using hand-lettering effectively.

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