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SEO is an essential part of your online strategy- or it should be. Here’s why you should be updating your local listings for online rankings… and what local listings are (don’t worry I gotchu).

So many businesses purchase the expensive equipment, hire the people paid by salary and open their doors… to a struggle. A friend recently sent me an article by Entrepreneur with this exact statement.

One thing that new businesses often forget is their marketing plan and online rankings. What is it and how can you help yourself grow? Those are the two biggest questions.

In a past blog (that I wrote a LONG time ago) I spoke about the two things businesses could do in order to help themselves thrive. These two things were collecting emails and asking for reviews online. At that time, we had 28 reviews now we’re up to 39- woohoo!

Those two tips are FREE things that each and every business owner should start from the beginning.

Local Listings

So what are local listings, you’re asking? A local listing is a website such as Google+, Yelp, Bing, YP, White Pages or HotFrog that enables people to search for you. Each of these sites has similar information to fill out for your business.

We’re all probably most familiar with Google+ as we all know it’s basically essential to your marketing strategy. But why? Here’s the breakdown.

Online Ranking Strategy

Your local listings should be filled out because Google crawls the sites that are pointing to your site to give your site “points” per say for SEO. By filling out these links, you’re having established websites link back to your website thus showing Google you’re legitimate.

How To Do It

Here’s the truth: Doing and completing local listings is not rocket science, however, it is very, very time-consuming. Here’s a story about why.

We have a client who’s local and their WhitePages listing is incorrect. Why does this matter? It matters because if people searched WhitePages, they’d see that the phone number of their business is incorrect. If someone tried to call that number to reach the business it just leaves a busy tone. They hired us to help them fix the issue and to resolve it with the new, updated phone number. We’ve now been working with them for over a month and the WhitePages rep has requested paperwork from their company, a permission statement from the company allowing us to change it and we still haven’t gotten anywhere. We’re finally in the last stages of letting them know we’re legitimate and that we’re trying to help the business.

How You Can Do It Successfully

Here’s what you can do in order to find local listings.

  1. First, create a spreadsheet of the info you’re going to input. This info needs to be the same. For instance, if you have 415 S. Summerlin Ave. it needs to be the same all across the board. You shouldn’t also put 415 South Summerlin Avenue. It needs to be consistent across all local listings.
  2. Dedicate one email to claiming these and add it to the spreadsheet.
  3. Start doing research and adding the ones you know. Some of the more well-known local listings are Google+ Yelp, YP, WhitePages, HotFrog, AroundMe, Bing, Yahoo.
  4. Start by going on the website and Googling the business’s name.
  5. Once you find it there should be a link or button saying, “Claim this business. Find that button or link and click it
  6. Start with your email address as your username and create a password
  7. Then fill out all the info such as address, number, social links, name, etc.
  8. When you’re finished add the link, username, and password to your spreadsheet and continue with the rest of the listings.

How Online Rankings Can Help

Local listings are thought of the be “small wins” for the local SEO presence online. If you can find some that relate back to your industry, this is also a plus.


If you are a part of any organizations such as a Chamber, industry specific club, etc. ask them to add your website to it too. This can also help boost your rankings when someone’s searching for you locally.

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