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Businesses aren’t in business to give away free value to customers. However, it could be their saving grace. More and more customers look for a trial with new businesses. Whether it’s a free sample or a free consultation. To keep up with the demands of customers, we have implemented more free content than ever. Here are some of the free content we offer and how you can create free content just like it!


Since the early beginnings, we have always sent out a newsletter each Wednesday. Our Thrive newsletter talks about one specific topic and we give an overview of the topic and how to implement it into your business. We also included how the topic is useful for a service as well as a product based business.

Recently, we started adding a weekly recap at the bottom of our newsletter. This gives our readers insight on new projects and fun activities we’ve been working on.  A newsletter is a great way to give your audience free value straight from you! If you want to sign up for our newsletter, click here.

Free Content


Not long ago, we added a new “Toolbox” section of our website. Here you will find some DIY marketing tip videos as well as free downloadables! Some of the downloads we currently have included a social media sizing chart and a conversion chart for converting pixel to print formatting. One thing that we added to help bring value to us was requiring the visitor provides their email before they receive the full download.

When providing free content, it can be hard to justify how this will help your business by asking for emails we were able to give free content and still earn something. To check out our Toolbox page, click here.

Free Content


Free consultations are pretty common as well as the product based business version of giving free samples. Consultations and samples are a way for a consumer to try out your business without risk. As much as we want customers to make a purchase, we also have to understand they are taking a risk in our business with their money. Offering a complimentary consultation or sample can help to create trust between your business and your customer.

Not to mention, if your customer has already tried your product before or met with you before they will be more sure of their purchase and less likely to have an unhappy experience. Know a business looking for marketing help? We would love for them to get to know us and see how we can help, book the complimentary consultation here.

Free Content

All of these items are free ways to prove why customers should choose to work with us. We also post consistently to social media with additional marketing tips and tricks for our users. Seems crazy to give away so much value but if your customers are drawn to your free content they will be more willing to want your true products or services.

Think about it, if the free content is actually providing value, imagine how much value the paid product or service will bring.


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