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Facebook, one of the world’s largest companies, went through a rebrand recently and it took the industry by storm. We’re sharing the things we learned from Facebook’s rebranding strategy.

Eventually, every company will get the urge to rebrand their business. When you think of major companies, like Facebook, it almost seems shocking that they would decide to rebrand. Why would a company that is so well known change what they are doing? They could simply be doing anything from attempting to reach a new audience, creating a new brand image that will entice users in a more powerful way or even trying to recover from bad PR

Here are the three things we discovered from their rebranding strategy:

  • Lowercase vs. Uppercase Logos

Facebook has stated that they decided to rebrand to be able to empathize with their audience. When deciding if you want to use uppercase or lowercase, it comes down to how you want to empathize with the user — what message do you want to get across? Uppercase logos give a sense of importance to the user’s eye making it more effective. 

  • Color Scheme & Consistency 

RebrandingFacebook also owns WhatsApp and Instagram– three companies that are all aesthetically different. Unless you keep up with social media news, the average person would not know they were all owned by the same company. Deciding to change your brand colors is a tough decision, but Facebook picked a clever way to change their colors to be more cohesive. Facebook is now adding their new logo in the color scheme of Instagram, and the same for WhatsApp. Facebook edited their logo, making it a cohesive color scheme and adding all caps. They did this to let their audience know they also own two other companies, so everything under their umbrella is more consistent. Colors can make or break your brand, making sure your brand is consistent is the key to improving your companies success. 

  • Rebuilding

Although Facebook is a powerful company, they also have had to rebuild their image from a somewhat negative outlook. Creating a new brand message or target can help you recover from various circumstances. After their rebrand, Facebook put out a statement that reads, “The brand comes to life in the context of people, cultures, communities and relationships. The art direction is designed to capture the emotional connections between people and express a sense of potential when they can come together.” 

Facebook created a new logo to rebuild and bring together the community they have built online. Their rebranding strategy was very simple and hopefully effective to millions. 

Rebranding should always be considered when the logo is not effective or the colors and style are outdated. It is also the best way to give your brand a fresh perspective. Keeping your company consistently up to date will maximize its longevity for years to come.

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