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Live video has been “next in line” to take over social media for a couple of years. While Periscope kicked off the trend in 2015, it has since been dominated by YouTube and Facebook. In the two years Facebook has launched Facebook Live, there have been 3.5 BILLION live broadcasts.

As a business owner you may think that you don’t have anything to share on Facebook Live. And honestly, that’s far from the truth! For example, we’re a service based company and Facebook Live allows us to breakdown our services along with helpful tips (like this blog!) for our potential clients to see.

If you haven’t watched one of our Facebook Live videos, we host them every Monday at 1pm. Make sure you hit the bell to know when we’re going live or so you can watch the replay!

Facebook Live

Showing Products & Behind The Scenes

Let’s say your business has a new product you want to share with your customers. It’s so new that no one has any idea what it is. How can you use social media to help promote this product? Scheduling a Facebook Live is a great way to talk more extensively about your new product. This allows you to show your new product and have potential customers ask questions about what it does, how much it costs, and more.

facebook live

Another great example for using Facebook Live for your business is showing behind the scenes of your store. Everyone is curious to see how products are made, what happens in the back of the store, etc. This is a great way to show your loyal customers a little bit more about you, your business, and how everything operates beyond what they see when they come in to support you.

Facebook Live

Better Engagement With Customers

Organic reach has been on the decline for years. Social media platforms are businesses as well, which makes sense on why they need to make money. If you’re looking to increase your organic reach on social, opting for a Facebook Live video can help bring it up. At the moment, Facebook is making a pivot to show more video content. The algorithm favors live video and Facebook will notify followers of your page when you go live as well.

Creating A Facebook Live Schedule

So now you’re wondering how to parlay all of this information into more sales. The best way to achieve this is creating a scheduled time each week to do a Facebook Live for your business. This allows your fans (customers) a chance to tune in to your broadcast and they know when to come back after each broadcast.

One more thing you can do is tell viewers to turn on their live notifications for your videos. This will allow Facebook to send them a push notification any time you go live so they can watch your content.

Have you used Facebook Live for your business or have you been on the fence about it? Let us know and be sure to check out our next Facebook Live!

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