Email Marketing

Email MarketingWhy Every Small Business Needs Email Marketing

Email marketing should be on a small business’ radar. Why? Because email marketing has the highest return. So now you’re probably asking, “What do you mean the highest return?” Well, according to, for every $1 spent on email marketing, the average return is $44.25. If you think as I do, those are some pretty darn good statistics.

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How can you get the this to help you reach out to your customers? There are a couple different ways to capture emails for your marketing. There are contests, give-a-ways, and more. Once you have these emails, it’s important to keep your audience in tune with your promotions and with what your best products for them are.

How do you keep people involved in email marketing? People are enticed by stats, facts and overall knowledge. To figure out what information on your site has been shared the most, you can go to This site is amazing to say the least. It shows you what content has been shared the most leading you to place this in your first email to gain retention for the rest.

How do you make your email marketing benefit you? Your email marketing needs to benefit you, so how do you make this happen? Email marketing should include most of the articles, but not the whole thing. You want to give the reader a taste of what your article is about but lead them back to the page on your website to keep them engaged. Other great suggestions for great email marketing are testimonials, pictures showcasing your work, relatable articles, your picture with a link to your bio, and statistics on why your business works.

Email marketing is not dead. If your business needs help implementing email marketing, or you want to revamp your current email marketing strategy, contact us here.

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