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When you’ve spent all this time writing and scheduling your online content, what do you do next? Step outside of your marketing world to see what people are interested in and how you can contribute to the conversation with a digital marketing strategy.

Stay Updated With Your Local and Online Community

Your local community will have their favorite food, book and wine-down Wednesday spots. This community might live online, reading newsletters, blog posts, Instagram posts and watching video interviews to hear people’s stories. Consider reviewing local news on a daily basis so you know when a new restaurant is opening or when you can jump in and support a  new business as they begin their journey. 

Digital Marketing Strategy

If you’re in the Orlando marketing industry, we suggest subscribing to a local newsletter like Pulptown and the Bungalower to understand what people are keeping up with and how you can contribute to the conversation. Local news caters to your community with a fresh perspective.

Stepping outside of newsletters, you can also show up in person to industry events and networking opportunities. We recommend going into these events with the mindset of listening, not selling.

You’ll meet the right people to later discuss how you can help them with their digital marketing strategy in a more natural way.

Find New Customers and Keep Existing Customers Coming Back

Engaging with your community isn’t just about your digital marketing strategy, it’s about your customers. Your existing customers will rave about you, refer you and come back to buy your product or service. The best way to find new customers online is to find where they’re hanging out.

If you’re a meal planner and your service is prepping food for busy workers, you might find your customers on one or all of the following social media accounts: fitness accounts, local gym accounts or healthy foodspiration accounts. 

Find like-minded individuals who are posting about topics you care about, that are related to your business, so you can easily add a helpful tip or comment. When you comment on a social media post, that will put your business name on the board when people scroll through the comments, including the account owner!

Engaging with Your Online Community Checklist

✔️ Spend 15 minutes per day, once or twice a week, to engage with the community

✔️ Find interesting accounts where you can contribute to the conversation

✔️ Add an emoji for fun

✔️ “Like” posts 

✔️ Follow new people and business owners to put your business on people’s radars

✔️ Make sure your comments match your company voice and mission

✔️ If you have to think twice about a comment, don’t post it!

Have any more questions about engaging with your online community to improve your digital marketing strategy? Let’s chat! Schedule a free, 30-minute call with our owner Kaitlyn. We’d love to help you grow your small business marketing!