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Print Design

Print Design


Professional Print Design

Design affects human. It changes the view of life and the self-image. According to the opinion specialists, a good design is a space that matches with the lifestyle, habits and nature of the person.

The stylish and organized interior represents the way to feel happy and complete. Design and comfort are primarily important for the success of a person’s life.

Other Services to Enhance Your Branding

Website Design

A website is essential to your online presence. Your website needs to be simple, quick, and efficient, converting leads and operating as a resource to your audience.

Website Maintenance

Do you need a little help with your marketing strategy? Are you not sure you need a full agency plan but maybe a place to start? That's where our Creative Coaching comes in - marketing help tailored to you.



Frequently Asked Questions

  • We provide innovative solutions that produce measurable results for our clients.
  • Our purpose is to customize creative marketing strategies that drive business growth and brand awareness.
  • We are committed to our core values that are reflected by our team members and in our client interactions.
  • We are creative, daring to think big and make it happen.
  • We are fair and honest.
  • We are collaborative and support each other, and are proactive, by never being content with less than our best.
  • When you hire us you should know that we’ve been where you are… on the other side of the table. We know what it’s like to hire a marketing agency, know what it feels like and frankly, understand that you just want to grow and thrive.
  • That’s exactly where we come in.
  • Our passion for helping small businesses is why we decided to start our own. South Street & Co. is woven from a different cloth. The cloth that is the small business realm and we welcome you to give us a try!
  • We customize fresh marketing ideas to establish and focus on our client’s brand, and position their company to deliver on ROI.
  • We measure analytics to position our client’s success in all areas of their individual marketing plans.
  • We are organized and efficient and we create meaning by showing our team members and clients how what they are doing is important and contributes to the broader goal.
  • We recognize and thank our team members for the specific work they do. We remove roadblocks and help our team create short and long-term wins. We celebrate those wins and build upon successes with our team and clients.
  • What sets us apart is our ability to innovate, change and recommend things that are trending at the time in order to capture more leads and increase your return on investment.
  • Our clients are long-term clients and that’s our goal – to have long-term relationships. We are your dedicated marketing team that helps you reach new potentials while making your brand shine to potential clientele.
  • Our clients consider us collaborative partners on their journey to transformative results, with services designed to meet their needs now and for years to come.
  • Our focus on strategy and high-quality content means that most of our clients make an intentional, planned investment in marketing services each month.
  • While there isn’t a magic number, it does speak to how serious a business is about rethinking their marketing and shows that they have budgeted appropriately to pursue the outcomes and goals that they’ve set for themselves.
  • We want to accomplish big things together, and we find that we’re able to add the greatest value to brands that are in the position to invest in a high-level strategy.

Other Services We Offer


Your customers turn to the internet to find businesses like yours, and we speak the language that sells your services to them. Each of our digital marketing tools is designed to grow your business and fill your schedule.


Our Coaching and Consulting services give you direct access to a dedicated partner and trusted marketing mentor. We can help you set your business up for marketing success or provide expert guidance in streamlining your operations.


Good design speaks for itself and is fundamental to marketing your business. Your designs need to reflect your brand identity, capture the attention of potential customers, and ultimately drive business growth. We're here to help you establish your presence and set your business apart.

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