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With the top U.S. corporate companies spending billions on advertising a lot of small business owners feel they just don’t have the budget for marketing at all. But that’s NOT the case! Marketing is not a luxury, it’s a necessity for every business including your Deltona small business!


I love really talking to business owners about what marketing can do for them because marketing can REVIVE your business.


Exactly when is the best time to really invest in your Deltona small business marketing? There are three times I feel are the most vital for owners to implement marketing.


  1. Before you launch
  2. When business is good
  3. When business is down


Before You Launch

“Really? Before I even open? That sounds like a waste of my money!”

Before you launch is actually the perfect time to start implementing marketing! What’s the fun of an opening day if you can’t have a line of people out the front door? This all starts with marketing before you open! You want your business to have hype which is what we call brand awareness. Brand awareness is exactly as it sounds, people can’t find you if they don’t know that you exist. This is a perfect time to get set up on social media and start growing followers. Then you have the chance to release your opening details and weekly specials to an actual audience.


deltona small business marketing

When Business is Good

“Really? But I’m already doing good? That sounds like a waste of my money!”

Why not invest in your Deltona small business marketing when it IS good? If business is going great this most likely means you have a bigger budget to put towards marketing.


What can marketing do for your business at this point? When business is going well it’s important to keep it that way! Marketing has long lasting effects so taking the time to make sure your social media is engaging, creative, and informative will set you up for long term success. Especially since consumers are MORE likely to start following your Instagram or searching your Facebook page when they feel you are a “trending” spot. More eyes means more impressions to make so you want your marketing to reflect your business the best it can.

deltona small business marketing

When Business is Down

“Really? But I don’t want to keep adding to my loss? This is a waste of my money!”

Giving up on an idea that you once believed in is an entrepreneur’s nightmare. When all else fails, put your money into marketing efforts and it could completely flip your business. Like the new house flipping trend, just because the home isn’t selling now doesn’t mean that it couldn’t with new paint and updated appliances. Your Deltona small business marketing can bring new eyes and new hype to your business if done right! Holding contests on social media or collaborating with other local businesses could help turn your business back on its feet.


deltona small business marketing


Of course, it’s important to implement small business marketing throughout your entire business’s life cycle. But during these specific times gives you the opportunity to take some risk and gain even more return! Marketing is a must-have nowadays so make sure your Deltona small business marketing is doing the most it can for your business.


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