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Today I decided to make something new, a Crockpot meal. Why is this different than making any other meal? Two reasons, because it’s fast and it’s easy. If you think about it, Crockpot meals are a lot like Orlando social media marketing, you can make it fast and easy… that is if you do it correctly. Here’s my case on how the two relate.With a Crockpot meal, you measure out the ingredients, add it to the pot and close the lid. You have to wait patiently for it to cook, but four hours later your house smells delicious, your stomach is growling and your mouth is watering. What does all this have to do with Orlando social media marketing though? Easy, here’s why the Crockpot can help you with your social media marketing:

Crockpot step 1: Measure out the ingredients

Orlando Social media marketing step 1: Measure out your target audience. This is step one because you don’t want people who aren’t going to interact with your brand to follow you and vice versa for them. The main idea of social media is to have people interact with you, which helps grow your following. You want them to follow, retweet and like posts, and you especially want them to share your content.

Crockpot step 2: Pour ingredients into the pot

Orlando Social media marketing step 2: Pour all of your great content into your social media. People love reading about things that make them happy, laugh and that evoke emotions. They’re more prone to share in those situations as well. Think of the last video or photo you saw. Did it evoke emotion, did you laugh, did you get upset? All of these emotions are the reason we share content.

Crockpot step 3: Put the lid on, put the timer on, now sit and wait

Orlando Social media marketing step 3: Put the content out there, put the share buttons on your post and sit and wait. Social media marketing is about the waiting process just as much as it is about the sharing process. Even if it’s not going to take four hours, like our Crockpot recipe, it will take some time. Sharing it on multiple platforms is also useful. The more you can get your great content out there, the more possibilities it has to be shared.

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