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Perfectly curated feeds are out and authentic ones are in. Your consumers want to know your story, tell them through content marketing.

How many of you flat-out ignore the ads that pop up on TV or online? Yes, so do I. As a society, we’ve become entirely numb to traditional marketing tactics. 

I was watching TV with my dad on Father’s Day, and he had 100 comments about the commercials– and now I didn’t remember watching a single one of them. 

I was probably sitting on my phone, but I was utterly oblivious to the strategically created commercials placed before me. Thousands upon millions of dollars in creation completely lost on me, and my dad too, because he kept commenting on how these “were obviously created for Millennials.” No, dad. I don’t think they were. Because Millennials aren’t watching either.

As I scroll through Instagram, I’ve found myself more and more drawn to authenticity, craving something different and real. I want real pictures. I want to experience an actual candid moment of happiness. That’s where content marketing comes in. I find myself moving onto feeds focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant content. 

I was reading an article in the Atlantic about how “The Instagram Aesthetic is Over,” and it really validated what I’ve been feeling. Gen Z is coming in as the new influencers and they are tired of the perfect feed and the burnout that comes from creating it. 

Lynsey Eaton, a co-founder of the influencer-marketing agency Estate Five, states that, “People are just looking for things they can relate to” and “The pink wall and avocado toast are just not what people are stopping at anymore.”  (Taylor Lorenz, The Atlantic Journal, 2019)

As a marketing agency, we are seeing a significant change across social media platforms with people feeling the same– especially on Instagram. Gone are the days of searching for the most Instagrammable wall, posed and perfectly-filtered. People have become too aware of what a “stock photo” is and are drawn away from it. They want to see what you as a company ACTUALLY do. Not what you wish you looked like doing it. 

To be a forward-thinking marketer, you need to start utilizing a content marketing plan. People want to know:

  • Your story
  • Who you are
  • What you have to offer 

Content Marketing


The first step to that is having authentic pictures. Go back and look through your social feeds and see what images have had the most engagement and done the best. I’m guessing the photo of your company is doing much better than the stock photo is of a similar company. People want something they can relate to and the perfectly posed stock photo has become entirely unrelatable. 



How to create photos for your content marketing:

  1. Spend one day taking pictures on location or in your office.
  2. Use those photos to tell the story of how and why you started your business.
  3. Show your products or services actually being used.
  4. Showcase your wins through testimonials and after photos. 

Focus on authentic, quality pictures and watch your engagement soar. Letting people connect with your story may feel vulnerable at first, but it makes a world of difference in the end. People will value what you have to offer and your sales will reap the benefits. 

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