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A new year calls for fresh changes. We recently had a workshop to come up with company culture ideas to implement in 2019.

Workplace culture is easily one of your brand’s most important selling points. Whether you’re a CEO or a receptionist, the work environment can make or break your longevity with a company. Company culture ideas can vary from incentives to internal improvements. Nowadays, businesses are getting creative with the perks they offer their employees to entice them to work harder and stay longer.

At the end of December, the South Street & Co. team got together for a culture workshop. We brainstormed company culture ideas we’d like to implement in the new year that will continue to motivate us in the office. Everyone brought their own suggestions and we narrowed them down based on reality and functionality. We felt it was healthy to add some inspiration to the workplace while still staying true to our brand. Here are the company culture ideas we’re incorporating:

Walk & Talks

The marketing industry requires constant internal communication. Every single day we’re working together to ensure assignments are complete, deadlines are met, and our clients are happy. Because the office is only so big, one of our company culture ideas was to occasionally take our meetings elsewhere.

Walk and talks allow our minds fresh air and a change of scenery. By stepping out of our work environment, we’re able to decompress and talk more openly. We’ve found that this gets our minds working and creative juices flowing!

Company Culture Ideas

Morning Toasts

We already have monthly brainstorm sessions for our clients, but we decided we needed one dedicated to our brand. Morning toasts are meetings at the end of each month to discuss the highs and lows of the month.

We’ll cater from a local business (of course) and collaborate on what we can improve on for the following month. This way, we’re supporting our small businesses and ensuring we’re all on the same page.

South Street Sprinkles

Because we all work on the different services we provide at South Street & Co., we thought we’d come up with a point system to reward each other. The sprinkles are points we earn when we receive a compliment, a good result, or a new client. The person with the most sprinkles at the end of the month gets a gift card!

Sometimes your employees need an incentive every once in a while to keep them inspired. Company culture ideas allow them to voice what they need to stay motivated. After our culture workshop, we’ve planned some really exciting things this year with social media and we can’t wait to share them with you!

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