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The concept of meeting up with someone local whom we feel is inspiring over coffee, felt like a no-brainer. Once a month, a member of the SSCo. team will grab coffee with someone who inspires them and conduct a Q+A. I kick off our second installment with Suzy Farmar, but you probably know her better as Soozie The Foodie.

One of the first things I noticed when moving back to Orlando, was the amazing culinary scene. How I discovered Suzy was actually on a photo I had posted onto my own Instagram account, where she and @tastychomps we’re having a conversation — I check out her feed and I have been drooling over her photos ever since.

Becca Burzlaff: Have you always lived in Orlando?

Soozie The Foodie: I moved to Orlando in 2014. I lived in Boca Raton before moving to Orlando, but I’m originally from Virginia!

BB: Has food always been an interest of yours?

SF: Yes, I love it! The only jobs I’ve had, have been in the hospitality industry.

Soozie The Foodie

How did you ultimately become known as, “Soozie The Foodie” on your Instagram and around Orlando?

SF: Hmm… I think what really got me noticed was for about a month, I ate at Gideon’s Bakehouse every day.

BB: What has been the best dining experience you have ever had?

SF: That’s a tough one! I travel a lot, so I get to try some really cool food. The best experience I ever had was at a restaurant in Johannesburg, South Africa, called Ocean Basket. It was without a doubt the best seafood I have ever had in my life. They served whole calamari that was cooked in butter and garlic, it was such a cool experience.

Soozie The Foodie

BB: What has been the wildest thing you have ever eaten?

SF: I tried termites on a camping trip and they tasted like carrots.

BB: Besides sampling the amazing culinary scene, what do you enjoying doing in your own time?

SF: Most of the time when I’m not working or eating, I am hanging out with my Husky, Kelin.

Soozie The Foodie

BB: If you could go anywhere in the world with the only intention of eating, where would you go?

SF: I really want to go to Thailand and try all the street food there.

BB: What is one thing you would like your followers to know about you?

SF: I’m always checking my email and direct messages, so if anyone ever has questions, I will always reply!

Soozie The Foodie

9. What are some good tips for taking a good photo?

SF: Natural lighting is key!

10. What advice do you have for an aspiring foodie?

SF: Try new places. Especially if you don’t like a certain food. Try it anyways. I used to be really picky but different places prepare food differently and you may be surprised at what you end up liking!

Be sure to check out Soozie The Foodie on Instagram and be prepared to be drooling over all her photos!

Photos Courtesy: Suzy Farmar


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