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If you’re not branding your business correctly, your marketing efforts are constrained. We’re sharing some branding agency services that can help your business in the long run. 

Branding your business controls the way your viewers interpret your company. When you brand strategically, you create an identity that people resonate with and want to work with or become a part of. A strong brand develops a consistent audience, consumers, or clients because people can easily determine what your company values are. Branding agency services can provide your business with a brand identity or rebrand your company’s identity by focusing on your vision using these following services: 

Logo Design 

Branding Agency ServicesIf you don’t have a logo design already, you most definitely need one. Your company’s logo will be the face of your brand, giving your consumers/clients something to recognize and think of your business. You want to make sure that when people first glance at your logo, it resonates with your company’s vision.  A good example of a logo that clearly says a great deal about their brand is Target.

Although Target has rebranded its logo various times, they always kept the same significance. They used a stylized target with a marked bull’s eye to represent their concept. The bull’s eye signifying they have everything you need.  

Branding agency services can help you generate a logo that meets your company’s vision. Not only by making it visually appealing, but also creating a visually-focused identity. 

Style Guide

Once you have a logo and visual identity, the style guide is next to be established. A style guide is an important service to invest in because you will need to be able to relay your brand’s concept in a visual document. A branding agency will create a style guide based on the icon of your logo, the wordmark, colors, fonts, and image usage.  Therefore, no new employees or new consumers will misunderstand your brand visually. To download this style guide template, click here

Branding Agency Services

Social Media Branding 

Our society has evolved where everything is online, which creates a common struggle for those who are not as familiar with social media. Either they struggle with staying connected or staying consistent across all social media platforms. Branding your social media is not efficient if done incorrectly. So, bringing in a marketing expert to create a social media strategy is beneficial for your company’s success.

We can create a strategy that aligns with your values and branding identity to effectively bring in leads through social media platforms. 

FREE Download – Social Media & Blogging Worksheets

We created these worksheets to help you utilize your blog and social media better. Download our FREE printable Social Media & Blogging Worksheets below: 

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    South Street & Co. provides all of these brand agency services to help your small business strive to identify with your target market. We will create a logo, social media strategies, a style guide, and the list goes on how we can help your company succeed. If you’re in need of any of these brand services, we can help! Click here to schedule a free 30-minute call to get started on your marketing!