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When it comes to branding, choosing a consistent color palette across all marketing channels will elevate and unify your brand.  Here are a few guidelines you should follow when determining your brand color palette.

Color Psychology

Did you know certain colors evoke subconscious emotions and feelings? Color Theory, also known as Color Psychology, can be a great starting point when picking your brand’s color palette. Take a look at McDonald’s brand color palette; they use the iconic red and yellow for a reason! In fact, these two color choices are a lethal combination, red makes you hungry while yellow is coordinated with being happy.


Brand Color Palette


Many other fast food restaurants also follow this psychology as a method of drawing in customers. They want their customers to come in hungry but to be happy during the duration of their dining experience. Check out this helpful infographic I’ve created that explains the emotions evoked by brand color palettes:


Brand Color Palette

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Brand Standard Sheets

When developing a brand, having brand standard guidelines on hand can help immensely with brand color palette consistency. Below are some things your brand standards should absolutely include:

1. Your logo and strict rules on how it should be displayed.

2. The color palette of your logo’s colors. Try to keep it under 3 colors! You can refer to my previous blog if you need some help!

3. Color codes for each color in the palette. HEX codes work fine, they look something like this: #XXXXXX.

4. Fonts- to maintain consistency of all marketing materials

Once again, I will be using McDonald’s as an example:


Brand Color Palette

Stick To It!

Never deviate from your established branding guidelines. All marketing materials should support your brand color palette to avoid brand dilution. When working with designers and agencies like ours, it is vital to provide clear guidelines on how to handle your brand’s assets. When your brand’s colors are on point, people start noticing!

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