Better Business Practices: How Answering The Phone Can Improve Your Business

Better Business Practices: How Answering The Phone Can Improve Your Business

Better Business Practices: How Answering The Phone Can Improve Your Business

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As a receptionist, I’m always working toward better business practices. You wouldn’t believe how impactful something like answering the phone can be for your business.

Have you ever called a company and the phone just keeps on ringing and ringing? Or even worse, the phone rings once and then turns off. Sometimes, the phone will even ring, a message comes on that says “We will call you back,” and you go through the effort of leaving all your information for nothing. As a receptionist, I consider these experiences very carefully to implement better business practices at South Street & Co.

These are just a few of the experience that I have had when calling upon a business or doctor’s office. When poor communication happens to me, I get frustrated and they potentially lose my business.

Better Business Practices

Don’t let this be the case for your business. If you want your business to grow then I suggest answering the phone with a person. Better business practices include making the effort to have the staff answer the phone too. This could be a designated person ar a team of people but the keyword here is person!

If I am taking the time to call your business or office,  I want to talk to a person and get the correct information to purchase an item, make an appointment, or get clarification.


Better business practices can be as simple as a human answering the office phone. When an actual team member answers, they give a personalized touch, they make me feel important and they make me feel like my business is important.  

If I am checking out a business’ services and get a personalized response that just may change my outlook and turn that into a sell for that business. I know humans make mistakes and computerized systems do too. However, the mistakes can be fixed but a frustrated client from hitting buttons to get a single answer is not the best solution.

For better business practices, try adding a personal touch to your phone system. We know this can help with feedback and it’s ideal for small businesses. Give us a call at South Street & Co. We can help your business grow, or be an ear to listen and answer your questions!

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