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Consistency is key when establishing an effective social media marketing strategy. By setting certain times and days to post your content, you can coordinate it with the presence of your target audience on that specific platform. By doing this, you are able to maximize the reach of your post to your desired audience. I have compiled a list of social media apps I use on a regular basis that can help you be more efficient day-to-day.


Naturally, we are creatures of habit and that should translate in the marketing of your business! However, life happens. We can’t control all external factors that come into play in our everyday lives, but Buffer can!

By utilizing Buffer in your marketing strategy, you can ensure your strategy remains consistent. Buffer is a social media app that allows you to access multiple accounts across a plethora of platforms with the click of a few buttons. If you want to post the same content across various platforms but don’t want deal with the hassle of having to log in and out of each platform, Buffer is the way to go!

Just highlight all of the accounts you want to post the content on, click Add to Queue and you are good to go! Convenient right!?


Social Media Apps


If you strive for perfection with your Instagram grid, then you know that it can be frustrating to not have a way to see what your new photo will look like alongside the previous posts. Or do you?

UNUM is an app that syncs with your Instagram and displays an open grid system where you can map out your photos. Some new features that can be utilized are the phantom mode, where you can delete photos you have already posted to see how it would look before committing. The multiple accounts feature is perfect for those who run more accounts than their own personal one. Last, but certainly not least, the light mode allows you to choose a UNUM color scheme that works best with your feed.


Social Media Apps

Google Drive

Every app serves their purpose but Google Drive is the jack of all trades! You can draft and save documents, spreadsheets and presentation slides with no problem. It doesn’t stop there though! You can even create Google sites, forms, and drawings through the use of this social media app. Google has done it again!

The spreadsheets help me in tracking social media trends and analytics, and google docs are a convenient way for myself and others to edit the same document from just about anywhere! Cool right!? Not to mention, the presentation slides that come equipped with a ton of fun templates that you can tailor to suit your specific needs.


Social Media Apps


What apps is your company using in order to maximize its social media presence? If you’d like more social media marketing tips, click here to contact us!

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