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Every morning I drive to work, as a bunch of others do. I drive the same way, leave at the same time, and hope to miss traffic. Sometimes, though, there is that one thing that stands out on my drive, and I have to snap a picture of it. You know what I’m talking about… that dumpster that is painted teal with bright yellow bananas scattered all over it, or the man riding a bike, talking on the phone and eating a slice of pizza. Either picture is definitely share-worthy. But what about those pictures that aren’t organically yours? This is when you can run into a blogging blunder that can get you into trouble.

As I’ve mentioned before, blogging is essential to a business plan. It shares great information, it allows customers and potential customers to get to know you and to understand a little more about what they’re working towards.

So, once you have your words, it’s optimized for the keywords, and you’re ready to submit it, you have to add that photo. This is the tricky part and the blogging blunder. Most times, photos are copyrighted, and just like you don’t like working for free, neither do photographers. When you’re choosing the best photo for your blog lean towards these sites to help make sure you’re free from the blogging blunder trouble:
  1. This site has multiple subscription options that make it easy for anyone’s budget. I use to personally use this one because they have an array of pricing options, and thousands, if not millions, of great high-quality photos. However, I’ve found that their change in price is not favorable to those who purchase photos on a budget. 
  2. This site is similar to iStock. They have a subscription option, or you can pay outright. For both of these options, subscriptions are the cheaper route. 
  3. Another great way to get photos. This site lets you purchase photos for a bit better price than the above two. This is the one I’ve changed to from
If you’re looking to make your own custom photo with some cool font verbiage, I recently came across this creative new site, They have handcrafted fonts, graphics and themes. You can also sign up for their email and they’ll send you deals on free things. I downloaded a couple fun fonts as well as a flower theme for Photoshop. This site is perfect if you’re looking to customize a Instagram post or to make a photo a little more “yours.” It’s also great to save the free products to prevent you from making the blogging blunder in your next post.
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