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Running an Apopka small business and want to get more sales? Here’s our go-to guide for Apopka small business marketing and how to get started.

Build a Website

Your website is your business. You should consider your website your storefront. It’s where people will go to get info about your services or buy your products. It’s one of the single most important aspects of your business.

There are a number of sites you can use to build your website, like WordPress. This can be used to build a custom website or theme. You can also use SquareSpace for those who want ease of use and setup, or Wix.

 Apopka Small Business Marketing

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Blogging and Site Optimization

If your website is your store, then your signage and “storefront” is your site’s visibility on Google. You want your site to be discoverable, which is where SEO comes in. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and it’s how your site can be found on Google.

 Apopka Small Business Marketing

Using keywords, you can optimize your site pages so they can get ranked. Keywords are search terms that people type into Google, and peppering a relevant term on your site pages can help you rank. To find keywords, you can use Google’s Keyword Planner.

The last step in our guide for Apopka small business marketing is an important one (as all of these are).

Social Media

Reach your clients. Reach your customers. Reach your goals.

If you use social media to your advantage, you can reach your goals. Social media is the way to connect to all of your clients, customers and potential clients. This is another great tool in your arsenal. Decide what social sites work best for you (or call us for help!) Find out where your clients frequent most, and get to posting!

If you need Apopka small business marketing, contact us here at South Street & Co., we can build you a custom website, we can write your blogs for you and get that new site of yours optimized for Google so you’re ranking on the first page, and we can set up your social media accounts and keep them running smoothly.

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