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Are you wondering if you’re doing the right thing on social media? Here are five ways to gain interaction on Instagram.

Instagram has allowed business to visually advertise their company for free and, if done correctly, you can successfully grow your brand one picture at a time. You are also able to double your followers by following these five ways to gain interaction on Instagram.

Be Social

What companies don’t understand is that you have to be “social” to gain interaction on social media. Instagram users enjoy feedback so try to comment back to comments people leave on your picture. Another one of the five ways to gain interaction on Instagram is by finding Instagram accounts that are similar to your brand, or ones that compliment your brand and comment on their pictures. By doing this, you will make your account visible on their page, and many users will visit your page and most likely follow back.

Gain Interaction On Instagram



Think of hashtags as a way people find your account. By hashtagging the correct items, you can gain a lot of followers. Be specific with the hashtags you use and don’t overload the image with meaningless words. Remember, the maximum amount of hashtags on Instagram is 30. If you overdo the 30 limit, Instagram will delete your whole caption, hashtags included. To find relevant hashtags, go to your Instagram account and search for hashtags. Next to the name will be the amount of people that use that hashtag. If the number is a lot (in the millions) go ahead and use it but stick to 11 or more individual hashtags on your photos.

Here’s a tip: To make your image more clean comment the hashtags on your picture. This way the hashtags are still attached to your image just not right next to the image.
Gain Interaction On Instagram


Now don’t go crazy with the follow button but make sure you do follow people who inspire you or who you would like to see more of. Make sure that you have more followers than people you follow, you don’t want to follow people just because they follow you. By doing this many people will see who you are and will most likely visit your page.

Gain Interaction On Instagram

Post in a timely manner

Another way to gain interaction on Instagram is, believe it or not, posting at the perfect time. For some companies, 10:30 PM can be the ideal time because a lot of people are getting ready for bed and relaxing with their phone, most likely on social media.

Gain Interaction On Instagram

Morning posts are good because the first thing people do is check Instagram, and perhaps lunch while they are eating. Anytime in between might lose the amount of people that interact with your pictures.

Link it

Link your Instagram to any website or other social media accounts you may have. If people can’t find your Instagram, they may stumble upon your website and notice your link and follow all your social media accounts or vice versa. Promote your accounts and people will follow.

Gain Interaction On Instagram

I hope you find good use out of these five ways to gain interaction on Instagram, you can always find social media tips on our website too. Let us know what has worked for you in the past by tweeting us @SouthStreet_Co.

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