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Make sure you don’t miss National Waffle Day in Orlando when it rolls in on August 24th.

Summer is almost at an end, but thanks to fun, niche holidays, the excitement hasn’t ended. But it doesn’t have to be all sweltering heat and unbearable humidity because on August 24th it is National Waffle Day in Orlando!

Instead of whipping out that old box of waffle mix, we recommend that you visit one of these wonderful locations to celebrate National Waffle Day!

Hash House a Go Go

5 Places to Celebrate National Waffle Day in OrlandoPhoto Courtesy: Hash House a Go Go

If you plan to go anywhere for National Waffle Day, you should go to Hash House a Go Go and ask for sage fried chicken with waffles to go if you are in some sort of rush, but why not stay? Styled like a farm-house, with a large and comfortable indoor seating, Hash House is a perfect breakfast spot for this sweet and fluffy holiday.

Avenue Gastrobar

5 Places to Celebrate National Waffle Day in Orlando

Photo Courtesy: Avenue Gastrobar

Avenue Gastrobar in Orlando doesn’t serve waffles on weekdays, which makes the fact that  National Waffle Days land on a Tuesday a bit of a disappointment. But you can’t dismiss Avenue Gastrobar and their waffle burger which is served on weekends to all those adventurous folk who want something different with their waffle based meals!

Peach Valley Cafe

5 Places to Celebrate National Waffle Day in Orlando

Photo Courtesy: Peach Valley Café

Peach Valley Cafe is the perfect morning stop for some fluffy Belgian waffles, adorned with powdered sugar and your choice of pecan, blueberries and other delicious options. It’s the perfect locale to visit and celebrate National Pancake day!

Chef Eddies

5 Places to Celebrate National Waffle Day in Orlando

Photo Courtesy: Chef Eddies

Chef Eddies is a staple of Orlando life and serves as one of its greatest purveyors of soul food, with chicken and waffles that are out of this world. Variety and choice is the name of the game when it comes to chicken and waffles, with your choice of different proteins (shrimp and waffles anyone?) and several delicious flavors for the waffles.

The Coop

5 Places to Celebrate National Waffle Day in Orlando

Photo Courtesy: The Coop

Make your breakfast reminiscent of a well-earned dessert with red velvet waffles with a cream cheese glaze and a dollop of whip cream. Of course just like any great establishment you have plenty of variety when it comes to the toppings that can be applied to your already delicious waffles.

As you can see, there are numerous ways that you can celebrate national waffle day in Orlando. We hope that you take advantage of all of these tasty local restaurants!

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