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Small business marketing is a big deal and something that every company should be taking advantage of. Read on to find out if you’re making mistakes that are easily avoidable.

You’ve now figured out that your small business needs to spend time on its marketing efforts. This crucial step is the key to unlocking all of the power that marketing can bring to small businesses. However, there are some important mistakes that you might be making. This blog is all about avoiding mistakes that small businesses marketing efforts often find themselves falling into. 

  1. Expecting too much, too soon. Small business marketing doesn’t work overnight. Something that we tell our clients is that to reach your goals and to see real returns it often requires about six months. Don’t be discouraged if you do not see the returns that you hoped for after the first month. Do some testing to see what is working and adjust from there. Too many small businesses begin with a strong marketing presence but stop somewhere along the way because they don’t see the numbers that they expected in the first few months, don’t be that company.  
  2. Leaving reporting out of the equation. As one of the most important parts of small business marketing, don’t leave reporting out of the equation. Reporting is available for a reason, because it gives valuable insight into what worked and what, well, didn’t. As a small business just starting out with their marketing efforts, it’s important to pay attention to what your reporting numbers are telling you. They’ll help you understand what you’re doing right and what you can do to improve your campaigns that aren’t doing as well as the others.
  3. Acting before proper research is done. As a small business, you understand the importance of the fundamentals and in marketing, it’s no different. Taking the time to do research when you don’t know the answer to the marketing question you have will only help. It won’t hurt to Google something now and then. Professionals do mounds of research every day because they know that understanding your audience can make their campaigns more successful. Guessing on your demographic and what they might like could turn out to be wrong, so don’t hesitate to use your resources to help you. If you need more help, contact South Street & Co. at for some guidance.5 Mistakes To Avoid With Small Business Marketing
  4. Not setting goals for yourself and your company. Setting goals that are both attainable and time measured is an excellent way to make sure that you are hitting your target numbers. So many small businesses want to accomplish their marketing goals, but don’t set the path up for themselves to get there. Making sure to record your goals and checking back in along the way to make sure you’re on track will make your marketing efforts much more productive.
  5. Using social media the wrong way. Above all, as a small business, you want to present yourself in a professional light. Having just started out with social media marketing doesn’t mean that you aren’t being seen, so don’t work against yourself by using social media the wrong way. Understand each social media platform, use them to your advantage and never be inappropriate on them.

While starting to use marketing for your small business can be overwhelming, it can take your business to the next level. If your small business marketing efforts need help, or you need help understanding how to make a marketing plan, implementing ideas, or content creation, you can contact South Street & Co. at

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