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Your Orlando Facebook marketing was never as important as it is now. According to, there are more than a BILLION active monthly users. Facebook marketing offers you the chance to reach a fraction of those at a fraction of a cost.

I remember when Facebook was only for college students. When I first went to UCF, someone in the hall I just met said, “Oh, I don’t need your number, you have a Facebook, right?” I looked at them and said, “Uh yes, yes I do.” Guess what I did next… I went back to my room, took a selfie with my computer’s camera and whipped up my Facebook page.

As I’m writing this and looking back at the simplicity of the program compared to what it is now, the changes and growth are both astronomical. When Facebook was “first a thing” you needed to have a college or school email to sign up. Fast forward to now when my Mom and (not mine by friends have their) grandparents on Facebook.

Today, as mentioned above, there are over a billion active monthly people on Facebook. Yes, that’s a billion with a B! But, wait a minute, what does that mean for your business and your growth? That means one thing… potential! With all of those people on there, there’s huge potential and here’s how your business can utilize Facebook for your growth and for your own potential.

Orlando Facebook Marketing Tip 1: Make Sure Everything Is Filled Out

This may seem like it’s self-explanatory, however, Facebook recently added sections to business profiles that weren’t there before.


Orlando Facebook marketing

Orlando Facebook Marketing Tip 2: Add Your Newsletter To Your Tabs

Newsletters are still very popular, no matter what you’ve heard! Facebook now lets you add them to your menu too so they’re easy to access. We’ve decided to call ours “Grow Your Business Through Our Weekly Email Tutorials” we also call this our Thrive Newsletter but I’m not sure if people would have understood with just saying “Thrive Newsletter.”

By adding this, it gets you more exposure to your list and enables you to promote it via Facebook. We’ve set ours up in MailChimp and have created a sign-up page for people to add their info. You can click here to view ours… and to sign up 🙂

Here’s how you can add your own newsletter to the Facebook tabs:

  1. Click on Manage TabsOrlando Facebook marketing
  2. Scroll to the bottom and click on Add A TabOrlando Facebook marketing
  3. Choose one of the options listed. Our newsletter option is already taken so it’s not available under our options. However, as you can see, you can now add products to your Facebook page. How awesome! Have clients/ customers purchase your products directly from browsing your page. Orlando Facebook marketing

Orlando Facebook Marketing Tip 3: Make Your Cover Photo Pop

This is a huge area where (we even lacked!) a lot of people don’t use it to their full advantage. I recently went to a seminar/ meeting about marketing. Because guess what, if I can learn one new thing from it, it’s totally worth it. And this one the lady spoke about utilizing your cover photos well. Guess what… that was something we lacked! We have our Birthday Bash coming up and that was another way to showcase our event to all of the people viewing our page.

You do need to make sure you get it right, though. The dimensions of the photos are as follows:

Cover photo size: 851 x 315 pixels

Profile photo size: 160 x 160 pixels

Use these photos to showcase your past work, your products, your upcoming events or your accomplishments. This was 100% underutilized by us and after that talk, I went back and changed them to showcase what we have coming up and, in the future, what we have done and our accomplishments.

Orlando Facebook Marketing Bonus Tip: Like Other Businesses

This one we’re so particular about because we want to grow! And, what better way to grow than to ‘like’ and interact with other businesses. A lot of people don’t know that this exists. It does exist and you need to use it. Here’s how you like another business’s page through your business page.

  1. Click on “Posts from Pages you’ve liked as your PageOrlando Facebook marketing
  2. This is your page showcasing who you’ve liked in the past and who has been postingOrlando Facebook marketing
  3. Click on the green button that says, “Like Other Pages” at the top rightOrlando Facebook marketing
  4. Start typing in the pages you’re going to likeOrlando Facebook marketing

This is a huge opportunity for your business because now you can interact with people in the area, potential customers, and friends. The main page (step 2) allows you to see the newsfeed of pages you’ve liked and interacted with in the past so you can go there to interact on a regular basis.

Overall, if your Orlando Facebook marketing needs some improvement or these tips aren’t in your marketing strategy, it should be! It has such huge potential and it’s always ever-growing. Contact us here to grow and expand your Facebook reach today!

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