4 Things I Learned As A Remote Intern At SSCo

4 Things I Learned As A Remote Intern At SSCo

4 Things I Learned As A Remote Intern At SSCo

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After three months of interning here at South Street & Co., I have learned far more than I anticipated when I first started. In an attempt to consolidate my experience, I have highlighted the four key things I learned during my internship. Overall, this internship has left me with more passion and preparation for furthering my career in marketing.

As a college student majoring in communication with an emphasis in public relations and no prior internship experience, I initially felt under-qualified for this position, but I was eager to learn which I believe set me up for success. I was quickly welcomed by all of my coworkers and supported throughout each task; which led me to realize that this was an environment that was going to challenge me and one that I could ultimately thrive within. 

Through this internship, here’s what I learned each step of the way: 

To Be Effective With Time Management 

When confronted with the day-to-day reality of working remotely, the time management skills I needed had to be developed on the spot. In reality, different tasks require different amounts of time and even that can differ depending on the day or subject. I made a schedule for myself at the start of the day that helped guide the time I spent on each task. 

Knowing what I needed to get done and estimating the time and/or help I needed to get there gave me a clear vision for my productivity. Overall, I learned how to be both consistent and flexible with each day at the internship, and how to make productive, knowledgeable choices with my time allotment. 

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To Find & Maintain Inspiration 

Entering into this internship experience, I already considered myself a creative and overall inspired person, and although that is still something I consider true about myself, I saw that to be challenged and refined throughout this experience. It’s easy to be inspired in leisurely headspaces, but inspiration that’s  intentional and strategic is where the best marketing comes from. 

Through this internship, I saw how my coworkers used current technology, consistent research, and client relationships to find and maintain inspiration for specific projects. This is a skill that I believe can only be taught through experience, and for that I’m grateful to have adapted this concept through this internship experience. 

To Actually Use Social Media Analytics & Research

Throughout my college coursework, professors would regularly emphasize the importance of data, and throughout my internship experience, I saw firsthand how important it truly is. The consistent analysis, monitoring, and research that goes into a successful social media strategy is something that I was directly acquainted with throughout this experience. 

That direct, hands-on approach is also something that I believe sets apart this internship from many others. The ability to get feedback on the strategies I utilized was crucial for me to better understand and track the growth of projects I was working on. All of which instilled in me a real-time understanding of how data is used in a social media strategy. 

To Always Be Looking to Learn 

This is something I really saw exemplified in the company culture here at South Street & Co.: Everyone is eager to learn. This is built into the fabric of our communications and was observed in my coworkers’ attitudes towards the work they do daily. I found this impactful in my professional development at this company and in the marketing field overall.  Staying current and curious is crucial to having innovative ideas and new approaches in marketing, and this was something I saw actively pursued daily in our work environment. 

Overall, my time interning at South Street & Co. taught me a wealth of marketing knowledge and provided a space for me to learn with guidance from the professionals I worked with. I’m truly grateful for it all. 

You can apply for an upcoming internship by clicking here! We’re always hiring a new creative crew to help us each semester, and we’d love to see what great ideas you’ll bring to the table.

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