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Make your Orlando website look better! Your website should look better for two important reasons; ease of use for your clients and it’s pleasurable to the eye. Let’s dive in!

Waking up in the morning is not my favorite thing. When you look in the mirror in the morning, what do you see? A half-awake person staring back at you wondering why it’s already morning? Sometimes that’s what I think… well a lot of the time. But then I get use to waking up that early day after day and it doesn’t get so hard. This is the same method you should use when fine-tuning your website. To make your Orlando website look better is a simple task. A website should be an online personality of your business. It needs to be as unique as you and it needs to showcase all of the products or services you offer.
Just like waking up early, the early days of your website aren’t going to always be pretty. There will be some hiccups and you’ll need to iron out some wrinkles. But, there are a couple of simple things that you can do to make your Orlando website look better. I’ve compiled 4 things that I think will make your website look better right away, here they are:
  1. Make sure your navigation is easy. This is a huge factor with the visibility and usability of your website. If the pages the customer wants aren’t easily accessed, they’re going to leave. If the pages aren’t easily visible, they’re going to leave. So, so many factors play into whether or not a customer stays or leaves your site within the first 10 seconds. Make sure you navigation is easily found and easy to navigate. 
  2. Make sure your photos aren’t pixelated. A lot of times people have photos that are pixelated. What does pixelated mean? It’s when the picture looks stretched or fuzzy. This means the picture wasn’t made for that particular area and needs to be adjusted. When building your website, you want it to be as professional as possible. Pictures are said to speak 1000 words, so make sure yours speaks loud and clear.
  3. De-clutter your main page. To make your Orlando website look better, we need to throw out the old and keep the new; This is referring to content. Keep the content that needs to be on the front page, and put all the rest of it on individual pages. This goes back to number 1, make sure the navigation is easy for the client. 
  4. Make sure your colors are inviting. There’s nothing worse than an ugly website. A website with uninviting colors is not a haven asking customers to share their information, or to call you. Colors should correspond with your theme and should be relatable to your industry. The Huffington Post published an article on why Facebook is blue. It associates colors with different things in marketing and different emotions in people.
These four simple ways to make your website look better are easy and quick fixes. If you or someone you know needs more assistance with their website, or creating a website, contact us here.
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