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Our Orlando social media management company is giving you the first 3 steps to optimizing your Instagram strategy. 

With over 200 million businesses on Instagram, it can be intimidating to try to find a strategy that makes you stand out amongst the rest. We’ll let you in on a little secret though: using relevant hashtags, adding a location tag to your posts, and including relevant keywords in your bio on Instagram can help your followers find you before they find your competitor. 


Use relevant hashtags

Because 80% of users search for products or services, it’s essential to use the right hashtags. Hashtags help your posts receive more views from people who are searching and using the discover tool on Instagram. When choosing hashtags, you will want to use a mixture of niche and popular tags. Niche hashtags ensure you don’t get lost among other profiles, and popular tags help expand your reach. 

Instagram allows you to have a maximum of 30 hashtags. While you don’t have to use all 30, it is recommended to use 5-10.Keyword Research for Local SEO To find out which hashtags are popular, head to the search bar and type in a keyword. Instagram will show you a list of popular tags and how many posts are associated with that tag. This makes it easy to select relevant hashtags for your brand. Remember to mix it up on different posts and re-conduct your research often as these tags change trends quickly.


Add a location tag to your posts

Another way our Orlando social media management company recommends optimizing your Instagram is adding a tagged location to your posts. Using a location tag adds an extra opportunity for your business to be found. When a user searches for a keyword by location, your business is more likely to pop up if you are using the location tag. For example, if a user searches for “restaurant near me,” your business is more likely to pop up in the search if you have used Instagram locations on your posts.

In addition, Instagram uses multiple algorithms to stay relevant by showing posts to a user’s feed based on prior search, location, and the likelihood of them liking the content. So, when you have used a custom location tag, the chances of your business popping up in the right user’s feed increase dramatically.


Include relevant keywords on your profile

Orlando Social Media Management Company ReviewAnother area to add relevant keywords is your profile page. You can optimize your username to contain keywords for which your viewers will most likely search. For example, if you’re business is Beans Roasting & Coffee, you may want your username to say beans-coffee-shop. Your users are most likely to search for “coffee shop,” and this will allow you to show up for this search because it is right in your username. No need to worry, your username is separate from your business name, so your profile will still say Beans Roasting & Coffee. 

You will also want to optimize your bio by adding relevant keywords that you didn’t get to use in your username. For example, Beans Roasting & Coffee may want to use “Locally-sourced and roasted coffee” as their bio. With its username and profile being optimized, this coffee shop will now show up for search terms “coffee shop”, “roasted coffee”, and “beans roasting & coffee.” If you need help coming up with keywords, there are many tools available, such as Semrush.


Optimizing your Instagram strategy is a bit more than just posting an image people will like (although that helps, too.) Using relevant hashtags, adding a location tag to your posts, and including relevant keywords in your bio is a great place to start. Although, calling a top Orlando social media management company (South Street & Co.) is your best option for a high ROI. We even helped one client reach their first million in revenue within 16 months of starting their business. Give us a call to learn more!