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Blogging is definitely not as effortless as your favorite bloggers make it seem! It takes content planning, content creation and strategies for posting. If you’re still in school or working, then you qualify as a busy blogger! Not to worry, I’ve created a list of 3 tips that will help grow your blog, while still maintaining a social life.

Plan Out Monthly Content

When it comes to planning your monthly content, start with as much as you can handle. It’s better to be a blogger who consistently posts twice a week on social media and twice a month on your blog. If you try posting five days a week on social media and weekly on your blog and you realize you can’t keep up. It will have a negative effect on the brand you’re creating. That’s why it’s so important to allocate time to how much you can handle, realistically. Followers want a blogger who not only talks the talk but walks the walk, so it’s better to take on what you can.

One way to make sure you post according to your schedule is to a create content calendar. This will allow you to plan the exact days you will be posting and what content you will post.

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Set A Schedule to Create Content

Creating content is no easy feat for any busy blogger. For one, you have to plan what content you want to provide your followers. Then decide when and how you will create it. I recommend planning a few days a month to go out and get some awesome photo content to spread out throughout the month.

Whether it’s a lifestyle photo of you at a local coffee shop or a flat lay of your desk setup. Try getting captivating images to give to your audience insight into your life. If you aren’t sure how to pose yourself or set up a flat lay of your items, get inspired! Go to the “Explore” tab on Instagram or check out our Pinterest here for more inspiring content.

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Use Apps to Help You Work Faster

Today’s app store has an app for almost anything. So whether it’s VSCO for photo editing, Buffer for scheduling posts in advance or even UNUM to plan out your feed in advance, these apps can help your blogging stay on point.

In addition, consider taking advantage of the Google Calendar app to help you stay organized with your timeline. You can also use apps like WordSwag and HypeType, to create text graphics to be able to announce your new content in an engaging way. You can create graphics that are sized for your Instagram feed and there’s even a size for an Instagram story.

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Being a busy blogger is stressful. If you can find ways to minimize stress and increase your efficiency, why not? Try some of these tips above and let us know if these were helpful for your busy blogger lifestyle! Send us a message on the social media platform of your choice!

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