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Working alongside classmates on marketing projects is one thing, but implementing those ideas in a challenging and fast-moving environment is another thing altogether. These are some things I’ve come to realize that I didn’t know about marketing before my internship at South Street & Co.

College is an incredible environment where you get to grow and learn alongside like-minded individuals but that doesn’t compare to a real workplace environment. I’ve been able to put into practice the skills I learned in college, but am still growing as I’ve realized all that I didn’t know.


With Microsoft Office Suite in our repertoire, we didn’t know of all the different programs out there that are ideal for the marketing experience. Efficiency is essential when you have numerous projects and tasks to get done. When done right, it allows you to do your best in creating a seamless marketing process and producing high-quality content. 

 In college, I often had to put in quite a few hours into a presentation, but now I’m able to get so much more done with the programs we use. I love tinkering around with the different tools and discovering how I can amplify the content we use. One of the programs I use regularly, Canva, gives me the ease and confidence to make stunning graphics for our content and clients. I can add a little bit of my flair with different shapes, backgrounds, and colors. There are also templates available for every kind of graphic you could need from Pinterest posts to Instagram stories if you require a bit more inspiration.


In college, group projects and small group discussions are aplenty, forcing you to learn to work with others to accomplish a common goal. More often than not, I found myself taking on a lot of the work myself and doing some heavy-duty editing. 

 Here, you are the one solely responsible, and you don’t have a partner to blame for not holding up their end. I’m fortunate enough to be around colleagues that challenge me and cultivate creative, independent thinking. My colleagues push me to succeed, but I also know that I can rely on the girls around me if I have questions. Several people are often a part of the process of producing a singular piece of content, from creation to editing, and it’s an incredible experience. At work, I know that when I don’t know the answer, I can go to these girls and they will happily point me in the right direction.  


Social media plays such a significant and vital role in today’s marketing environment. We heard that mentioned all the time, but I didn’t grasp its impact until I had to do behind the scenes on social media posts and content. 

 Instead of only relying on content through previously favored mediums, such as Billboards and Radio Ads, utilizing social media has become necessary to doing business. To overlook your social media is neglecting your business. I have loved getting to know the role social media plays behind the scenes on the other side of the company.

Alongside these mentioned, I’ve learned so much more, and I have quite enjoyed adapting to my new role. I’m so thankful for the environment here that facilitates my learning and pushes me to go beyond my capabilities. If you are interested in joining a dynamic and challenging team, apply to be an intern next semester at