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One word: INSTAGRAM. Two words: ORLANDO INSTAGRAM. We all love Instagram. The visual satisfaction of it. The simplicity of interaction. It makes for the perfect social media platform.

There are definitely some Orlando Instagram accounts that encompass everything Instagram is and everything Orlando is. Here is our list of 3 Orlando Instagram accounts that are too good to swipe by.

The Greenery Creamery

Orlando Instagram

Photo courtesy: @thegreenerycreamery

A vegan ice cream shop in Orlando – say what!? This cute ice cream boutique features a variety of vegan ice cream flavors such as locally sourced products, which is so amazing. Their Instagram feed is stunning! From the vibrant colors of their ice cream to their one-of-a-kind cones, you can’t go wrong.

Their Instagram feed is a masterpiece while scrolling through you can find anything from a vegan ice cream sandwich to a kombucha float. Their theme is bright, earthy, and mouthwatering.

They are definitely at the top of the Orlando Instagram game! Visit them at  @thegreenerycreamery or their cute shop on Church Street near Thornton Park!

Orlando Brewing

Orlando Instagram

Photo courtesy: @orlando_brewing

A cold, locally brewed beer on a hot day – I don’t think anything sounds better than that! Orlando Brewing is the place to go if you want to support local and drink beer. Their Instagram has a fun variety of beer mixed with their staff, and what they’re up to in the community.

When you scroll through their feed it will make you want to visit them! They are usually having fun events like the Orlando Brewing Suchi Class – yes please. You can check them out @orlando_brewing or their location in downtown Orlando.

Gideon’s Bakehouse

Orlando Instagram

Photo courtesy: @gideonsbakehouse

This bakery has been around for over 100 years and it is so scrumptious which naturally means their Instagram is too! Gideon’s cookies or as we like to call them ‘a mound of love,’ are perfectly instagramable.

While scrolling you are likely to see their secret cake that they won’t display but if you make it in time you can grab a slice, or their chocolate chip cookie with a dash of sea salt on it. You can check them out on their Orlando Instagram @gideonsbakehouse or at the East End Market.

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