2018: What I Learned Living The Marketing Agency Life For Almost A Year

2018: What I Learned Living The Marketing Agency Life For Almost A Year

2018: What I Learned Living The Marketing Agency Life For Almost A Year

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As I look back on this year I think, where has the time gone!? I have soaked up so much knowledge that it is time to dump some of it out for you!

Let’s start off with saying that after this year I fully believe that anyone in the marketing industry should work at a marketing agency at some point. The fast-paced, creative, and ever-changing environment has given me invaluable skills that have made me a better marketing professional. Here are some keys I’ve learned along the way.

K E Y 1 

Organization can make or break your week.

It was within my first couple of weeks of working at South Street & Co. that I realized when I said, “I need to remember to do that tomorrow,” there is a chance I definitely won’t remember to do it.

Asana is my knight in shining armor on a daily basis. We use Asana for our task management software and I put EVERYTHING on there. Organization is half of my job. Making sure projects are being completed on time and everything is running smoothly all comes down to organization.

K E Y 2

Client relationships are the foundation of shared success.

In my opinion, this is the most important thing. The relationships I build with our clients is my pride and joy. I have found that if you and your client are on the same page and are all working toward one common goal, it’s the perfect symphony.  I always try to end our meetings with clients talking about something personal whether it be family, plans for the weekend or just how things are going with them I think it is the perfect end to a great productive meeting.

K E Y 3

Constant communication is the way to go.

I’m going to be transparent here and tell you that this took time, and I am still working on this. The daily “there’s not enough time in the day” quote looms over me but I have to remind myself that there is time if I make it and making time to constantly check in with clients is a must.

When I am constantly checking in with our clients it is a great touch point to show them that we are taking care of their marketing and making sure the cogs are turning, always.


2018 has been a year to remember. Working on my organization, building relationships, and constantly staying in touch with our clients have been great additions to this year. Continually growing and learning is something that I will always do and something that working at South Street & Co. allows me to do and for that, I am forever grateful.


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