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As this year moves forward, we are seeing a resurgence of unique and ornate serif fonts in graphic design. Compared to the minimalistic sans-serif trends of the past few years, 2018 font trends seem to be going in a new direction, with many companies riding the serif font wave.  

2018 Font Trends

What is a serif?

Simply put, serifs are the little “handles” attached to the edges of letters in a piece of typography. In the past, these were seen as old-fashioned and traditional, but 2018 font trends are changing this idea. A rebirth of unique serif fonts are quickly taking hold in the graphic design industry, and many brands are catching on.

Take a look at the recent Chobani Greek Yogurt package rebranding. The old sans-serif logo (left) has been replaced by a bolder and more unique serif font (right). The updated branding, a direct result of 2018 font trends, better represents the natural feel of the product just by the typography change alone.

2018 Font Trends

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Another example of this trend can be seen in Medium’s rebranding, which was carried out late last year. The popular publishing platform ditched its sans-serif font and logomark in exchange for a more distinct serif font. Which now stands alone as the company’s logo. It has only been a few years since the company introduced its previous logo in 2015. However, in order to stay on top of trends, the company decided a switch was necessary.

2018 Font Trends

Looking toward the future, expect to see many more brands following these 2018 font trends! I’ve mentioned rebranding a few times on this blog, but is your company up to date? If not, we provide logo design and rebranding services that can update or renew your current branding.

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