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Interning at South Street & Co. has broadened my understanding of all the details that make up a great marketing company. Here are the two things I’ve learned just by interning.

Fall is officially here, and if you’re a college student, like me, that could mean one of two things: you’re trying to get your life together after mentally checking out all summer, or you’re coming back from a summer job or internship that may have left you wondering how you’ll ever successfully “adult” after graduation.

For me, the start of fall meant the beginning of my internship at South Street & Co. Although I’d considered myself someone with a relatively solid background in digital media marketing, I didn’t realize how much insight I had to gain on all of the details that make small business marketing not only come together but be successful.

Here are just 2 of the things I’ve learned in my first month as a South Street & Co. Creative.

I Learned What A Flat Lay Is

A flat lay is probably the funniest lesson I’ve come across so far. I learned what a flat lay was mid-interview with Kaitlyn, the founder and creative director here. She asked me if I had experience creating flat lays. Confused, I responded, “Uh, no, actually, I’m not sure what a flat lay is.”

South Street & Co.

She showed me an example, and it turns out I had already been doing flat lays in 50% of my Instagram posts without ever realizing that they were called flat lays! I later learned just how small businesses could utilize this photography technique in displaying their product in a captivating way on social media.

The Importance Of Contact Forms

I knew the basics of what a contact form was due to my previous internships, but I never realized just how imperative they were for businesses. Landing pages are the links that connect all of your client outreach tactics in the digital world.

If a viewer finds one of your social media pages such as your company Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, by merely adding a contact form to your landing page your viewer turns into a potential lead. Leads are the lifeblood of small businesses! A contact form will ensure that your viewer has the chance to give your business their personal contact information so you can continue to market your product or service via email.

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Although I’ve learned a lot in my first month as a South Street & Co. intern, learning what a flat lay is and how essential a contact form is, are the two lessons that have stuck out to me the most.

There are so many tips you would never even think of that you can learn as a small business owner. To set up a consultation, click the link below!

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