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Influencer Collaboration

Influencer recognition and collaborations are a great way to start Youtube social media marketing and reach a larger audience.

Teaming up with a fellow influencer is the perfect way to reach their audience and vice versa. This shows the audience who follows the influencer closely that they approve of the fellow influencer, and they will hopefully join the new influencer on their Youtube career.

Adding Other Forms Of Social Media

When it comes to Youtube social media marketing, sometimes you need to bring in reinforcements. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and many more social media sites are a great way to show your following that your Youtube channel is thriving.

This is also a great way to be noticed by bigger influencers and gain recognition from their larger following. For example, in the beauty world of Youtube, it is something major to have your photo reposted by a larger beauty blogger or account. This shows off your skills to a much larger audience that will start clicking onto your profile and discovering your presence.

Youtube social media marketing

Constant Uploads

When it comes to staying relevant you need to constantly have new material for viewers to watch. Make a schedule for days you know you’re going to be uploading and let your viewers be aware of the days they can expect a new video from you.

See which two days of the week work best for you and stick to them. Not having too much or too little content is key to views. Having too much content might lead to viewers getting tired of you. Having too little content might lead to viewers forgetting about you, and you could get lost in the sea of other influencers on Youtube.

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