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There are a couple of things you should accomplish when writing a blog for SEO. You want to make sure that your blog post contains a keyword in it that will allow the post to rank on google. In this case, for this blog, the keyword is Backlinks. So, what are backlinks? Here’s a brief breakdown of backlinks and how to use them for SEO.

What are backlinks?

Backlinks are external links that lead back to your site. You see these sorts of links all of the time. Maybe a recent article you read had a hyperlink for a website within its text. Or maybe you saw a backlink on an air conditioning forum that leads to an article on how to set your thermostat.

Backlinks are essential for SEO and the more backlinks you have, the better you will rank. But there is a reason why that article is linking to that other article and why that forum is linking to that specific thermostat guide, and that reason is quality content.

Quality Content = High Chances for Backlinks

The reason an article’s author and the forum user both chose those specific links is that they found those articles to be reliable and authoritative. Those articles are quality articles. Quality is key to backlinks because no one wants to share a horrible step-by-step thermostat guide that resulted in several homes going up in flames. No, they want to share the guide that provided the best results and therefore helped the most amount of people.


When creating content, you want to make sure you have an authoritative voice on that subject, or that you at least performed your due diligence in regards to research. Making high-quality content will take you a long way but hitting publish and never looking back will get you nowhere. You must campaign for your content for it to get recognized.

Marketing Your Content

Now there are a couple of ways of getting your content noticed:

  • Find relevant businesses within your industry and reach out to them to see if they will be interested in creating a blog or a listacle that would include your content.
  • Check for broken-links within a relevant article and contact the webmaster for that site and inform them of the broken link and suggest your own to replace it.
  • Participate in Round-Ups. Plenty of websites do a weekly or monthly round-up of some of the best articles or websites within a given industry. Find relevant sites that write these round-ups and contact the webmaster and explain why your website or content would be a great fit.

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