Titusville Small Business Marketing

If you’re on the hunt to grow your business, look no further! We specialize in Titusville small business marketing.

There may be a lot more to Titusville small business marketing than you realize. Marketing isn’t just outsourcing information about your business. There’s a science and an art to it that often gets overshadowed. Most people only know the basics of marketing: reaching out to the consumer to sell a product or service. However, there’s so much behind-the-scenes effort that doesn’t get acknowledged.

At South Street & Co. our primary focus is marketing for small businesses. We saw a need for local businesses that entailed strategic marketing in order to compete with bigger corporations. We offer a multitude of services to fit your Titusville small business marketing needs. These services include:


Blogging allows your brand to educate readers on topics your business specializes in. These blogs are then used as resources for people searching about that specific topic. In turn, your brand’s credibility increases and your blog could potentially make its way to the first page of Google!


We offer consulting for people who are interested in learning more about marketing and how we do what we do. You can consider it a brainstorming session full of learning. Through consulting, we’re able to take brands from point A to point B by diving deep into what they expect out of their marketing.

Social Media

Simply put, your audience is on social media, so you should be too! We believe social media is crucial for any marketing strategy. It’s where you connect with your audience and establish relationships. By utilizing the various social media platforms, you’re able to effectively update your consumers on your brand to keep it relevant.

Logo Design

Your brand’s logo is the first thing people see. We consider it the fingerprint of your company. We can help create the perfect logo design for your Titusville small business marketing.

Website Design

People often underestimate how important website design truly is. It’s ultimately the platform that will make or break a sale. If your website is confusing or hard to navigate, people will likely look elsewhere. And quickly at that.


This one is a popular service of ours because it’s said to be one of the more complicated marketing strategies to get the hang of. SEO is done strategically to allow your audience to find you via keywords. These keywords are listed throughout your website to drive traffic.

Email Marketing

We know it sounds old school, but email marketing really is one of the most effective forms of marketing, and we have the results to prove it. It may not seem like it, but the emails you receive have a lot more influence on you than you may think.

Product Photography

Studies show that adding a picture to your marketing sparks attention by 65 percent. We can photograph the perfect images to implement in your marketing that best portrays your brand.

From one small business to another, it’s our passion to create excellence for your Titusville small business marketing. Contact us today to get started!  

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