20 June 2017

6 Easy Steps To Claim Your Business on Google

Making sure your business is seen online is key to people finding you. Claim your business on Google, this should be your #1 priority. Here’s how you do it. Many businesses miss this crucial step when starting their business. They have the equipment, the flyers, and the staff… but no people. Part of being seen […]

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25 April 2017

Use This FREE Strategy To Help Boost Your Online Rankings

SEO is an essential part of your online strategy- or it should be. Here’s why you should be updating your local listings for online rankings… and what local listings are (don’t worry I gotchu). So many businesses purchase the expensive equipment, hire the people paid by salary and open their doors… to a struggle. A […]

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20 January 2015

Local Listings: The Importance of Updating Them For Your Small Business

This weekend I was looking for a new grocery store. Here in Orlando, there’s a lot to offer. Most people think of the theme parks and Disney (of course) but when you’re a local, that kinda gets washed out. So, I was looking for a grocery store. Publix is so mainstream and it was a […]

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