2 May 2017

How To Effectively Use Hashtags In Your Maitland Marketing

You might remember us talking about hashtags in our blog post a few weeks ago about our hashtag mistake, but how do you effectively use hashtags on a day-to-day basis? If you read that blog, you’ll know WHY hashtags are SO IMPORTANT to include in your posts. Here’s how to use hashtags in your Maitland […]

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29 September 2016

This Is Why You Need To Use Hashtags

Hashtags are talked about, but this client learned the hard way why you need to use hashtags. Here’s her story: It was a Thursday afternoon and I was sitting with a client. This client, in particular, is one of my favorites. I get to teach her how to implement Instagram into her marketing and how […]

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30 June 2016

Using the Best Hashtags for Your Business

Knowing how to use the best hashtags for your business is essential to doing well on social media. Here’s your intro into using the best hashtags for your business. #Hashtags are all around us. I was reading an article that said, “The hashtag is simply the pound sign rebranded.” I was floored. This was literally […]

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