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There are many reasons why we utilize Orlando SEO in our agency. But most importantly, it works!

We understand that SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can seem like a foreign language. That’s why it’s one of the most popular services we offer our clients. It’s a solely digital dynamic that requires consistent research and attention to detail. We take great pride in the results our clients receive due to Orlando SEO and we want to help spread the word.

We’re outlining the 10 step process we utilize as an Orlando SEO company that can ultimately lead to an increase in revenue–and sometime’s it’s significant.

  1. Determine Specific Keywords You Want Your Brand To Be Known For

These keywords should include products, services and the overall purpose of your brand. If your business sells insurance, you’ll probably want to be known for “Orlando insurance company.” Adding the location always helps because that’s how your audience searches.

  1. Research Which Of Those Keywords Are Being Searched Most Frequently

We use a free tool called Google Adwords, where you’re able to find the keywords your local area is searching for. As an Orlando SEO company, we not only look at the frequency of the keyword but also the competition.

  1. Insert Keywords Into Your Website

By adding these keywords into the copy on your website, you’re increasing the likeliness of your brand popping up when anyone searches the terms. The secret to Orlando SEO is to use these keywords subtly so they don’t distract the reader.

  1. Let Google Know Which Keywords You’re Using

We also use a tool called Google Search Console, where we insert the keywords we’re using and request for Google to crawl the website. This is important because it expedites the process.

  1. Watch Your Website Climb The Google Ladder

After Google acknowledges your keywords, grab a bag of popcorn and watch your brand make its way to page 1! It takes time, but Orlando SEO works. How do we know? Check out one of our clients ranking on page 1 and position 1 here:

orlando seo       6. Acknowledge The Increase In Exposure

As we’re sure you can relate, most people don’t look past page 1 if they can find what they’re looking for. The higher your website is in the rankings, the more exposure your brand is going to get.

  1. Drive More Traffic To Your Website

Naturally, the higher the exposure the more likely people are to click on your website. The SEO title and the meta-description are what people see before they click on your website. Make them enticing!

  1. Ensure You’re Prepared To Increase Conversion Rates

Make sure your website is up-to-date and each page contains clear, concise information that will answer your reader’s questions. You don’t want to do all this work with Orlando SEO just to have your audience leave your site due to poor navigation.

  1. Welcome A Bigger Audience

As a marketing agency, we get to watch our client’s audience sometimes double in size from Orlando SEO. Welcome your new readers with open arms and make sure your website gives them what they want. Clear call to actions and a phone number on the home page are key.

  1. Make More Money!

It goes like this: the more keywords you’re ranking for the more exposure your brand is receiving, which drives traffic to your website, which increases conversion rates, which grows your consumer base and in turn, makes you more money!

We love to watch our clients grow with Orlando SEO and we’d love to be the Orlando SEO company that helps your brand flourish. Contact us today to get started!

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