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Hiring a new Orlando SEO company can be tricky, especially when people claim they know what they’re doing. Let’s start from the beginning and educate you on a couple of fundamental terms every small business owner should know.

What does SEO stand for? When hiring a new Orlando SEO company, you need to know this base question. It also seems like it’s the topic of a lot of small business questions. Is it a secret that only the top marketing executives know? Is it a code word for, “I’m the best?” I’m here to tell you in the most serious tone ever, “No way, Jose.”

What SEO stands for is none of the above. To break it down, SEO stands for, Search Engine Optimization. To break that down even more, it’s a fancy way of saying, “How you appear on the search engines.” To break that down, when someone types in a phrase such as, ‘hamburger joints Orlando,’ if you’re a hamburger joint in Orlando, you want to make sure you’re in front of that person’s face. Right away. At the top of the list. As soon as possible.
So how do you do this? You hire a new Orlando SEO company. SEO can be thought of as a complicated algorithm within Google, the most popular search engine. Don’t get me wrong, Bing and Yahoo have SEO too, but the ratio of users who use Google compared to Bing and Yahoo is a big one, therefore Google is the one most people focus on.
For most small business owners, they don’t have time to worry about the online aspect of their business, let alone the algorithm that Google uses to make you appear at the top of the list. So, they look to outsource the world, to business like us! When a small business hires an new Orlando SEO company there are a couple things to ask:
  1. What are their credentials?
  2. What is their track record?
  3. Ask to see some of their numbers with someone they’re working with currently.
  4. Ask them if they can get you at the top of the page within a month.
Now, why are those 4 simple questions so important that you need to ask your new Orlando SEO company? Here’s why small business owners need to ask those 4 questions:
  1. What are their credentials? If the new Orlando SEO company doesn’t have any background in SEO and is new to the industry, you may want to look elsewhere. If they’ve been working for a bigger company and have that experience and are just starting out on their own, that is a lot better. 
  2. What is their track record? Ask the new Orlando SEO company this question because you need to know if they’ve been able to get their customers to at least a couple top spots. If they haven’t they may not be doing it correctly.
  3. Ask to see some of their numbers with someone they’re working with currently. This is crucial because you need to see proof of their work.
  4. THIS IS THE BIG ONE: Ask the new Orlando SEO company if they can get you at the top of the page within a month. Now pay attention: if they say yes, RUN. There is no way to get your page to the top of all of Google’s pages without doing someone Google doesn’t like in that quick amount of time. If they say, “Yes, I can get you to the top of Google’s pages within the next week, ” run, and run far, far away. The only way that they can do this is by doing things that will skyrocket your site to the top and then, when Google see’s all the bad that the company did within a short time, it will plummet leaving you with a lot of cleanup work with a lot more money to spend to get you back to where you need to be.
Looking for a great SEO company is hard work. It’s like looking for a babysitter or someone to watch your dog. You wouldn’t give the job to just anyone. Remember those 4 questions when looking for your new Orlando SEO company and everything will work out better!
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